Prince William reveals one of Prince George's favourite TV shows in call with five-year-old cystic fibrosis sufferer

Rebecca Taylor
Royal Correspondent
William called Kaydyn and his mum who are shielding. (BBC The One Show/PA Wire)

Prince William has revealed one of Prince George’s favourite TV shows is Paw Patrol as he made a surprise call to a five-year-old cystic fibrosis sufferer who has spent weeks shielding.

William, 37, called Kaydyn and his mum Leanne who have had to stay inside since the beginning of lockdown as the government urged those with serious conditions to avoid public places.

In the call, broadcast on The One Show on Tuesday evening, Kaydyn excitedly showed the duke his favourite toys, with William saying: “I think I know Chase, yep, I’ve seen him a few times, George used to watch Paw Patrol a lot.”

The dad-of-three spoke to Leanne about how she and her son were getting on during the lockdown.

Leanne said: “We are struggling a bit - you know with a five-year-old, trying to keep them busy.”

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William revealed George is a fan of Paw Patrol. (Getty Images)

She said Kaydyn had been begging her to let him go out for a walk, even pulling the door to try to open.

The duke asked if it was harder for them as lockdown eased, knowing that more people were going out, to which Leanne said Kaydyn hearing on the news that everyone else could go out, but he still could not, was proving difficult.

She said: “People’s mental health will suffer with it - Kaydyn’s emotional health is starting to suffer he’s become a bit frayed.

“I said to him that hopefully it wouldn’t be too long before we could go out for a walk, and he said ‘I don’t think I want to mum, I’m too scared’.”

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William ended by saying he and his wife Catherine were thinking of them, and telling them to stay safe.

Some 2.2 million people who were shielding were told they could leave their homes from the beginning of June.

Since the call with the duke, Leanne and Kaydyn, from Corby, Northamptonshire, have been on two country walks so far.

In the film, Kaydyn said he was missing his friends, school and “everything in this country” as he stayed at home to keep safe from coronavirus.

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Kaydyn said he was happy to be out, but scared in case “the virus never goes back”.

An update for those in the shielded group is due by the end of this week.

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