How Prince William and Harry avoided Camilla after Diana's death

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They were just children when their mother, Princess Diana, passed away after being involved in a tragic car crash in Paris.

And now it’s been claimed that Prince William, who was 15-years-old and Prince Harry, who was 12-years-old, thought of a cunning way to avoid their future stepmother, Camilla, at the time.

The boys didn’t know much about Camilla, apart from how their mother would refer to her as their father’s lady friend and they apparently wanted nothing to do with her for years after she officially got together with Prince Charles.

To avoid having to talk or spend time with Camilla and their father after their beloved mum died in 1997, the boys are said to have worked out an escape route from the palace.

Prince William and Prince Harry were just kids when their mother, Princess Diana, passed away in 1997. Photo: Getty Images

In Tom Bower’s book, called Rebel Prince: the Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, he claims the boys used to sneak out using the servant’s entrance.

According to sources, it wasn’t until 1998 that Prince Harry and Prince William accepted Camilla into their lives.

It’s thought to be around then when they met her children, Laura and Tom, who the princes get along famously with now.

Now, it’s believed that Camilla’s destiny in the royal family rests with Prince Harry and Prince William, who will apparently have to consent to her becoming queen when their father, Prince Charles, takes over from Queen Elizabeth.

Sources however have claimed it’s unclear if they would provide that support as “they are not close” to the Duchess of Cornwall.

It’s believed the boys were reluctant to interact with Camilla. Photo: Getty Images
The princes are said to have created an exit route for themselves through the servant’s quarters. Photo: Getty Images

“He has little influence over the boys these days beyond the fact that he controls their money,” one of Prince Charles’ friends told the Daily Mail.

“But he’s so absorbed with his own life, with Camilla and the extra work he is accumulating from the Queen and his father, he doesn’t have the time anyway.”

Back when Charles and Camilla wed in 2005, it was thought that the princes were very supportive of their dad’s marriage.

However, as they have grown older, it’s said their relationship with Camilla has suffered.

She was however front and centre when Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011 and will no doubt be supportive of Prince Harry and Meghan’s Markle marriage when they wed on Saturday.

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