Will Smith squares up to a massive kangaroo

Sarah Carty
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He may have visited Australia nine months ago but it seems Will Smith is pining to come back after posting a video of himself squaring up to a kangaroo on his Instagram page.

The 50-year-old The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor, who was in Australia in January to promote his Netflix film, Bright, visited Featherdale Wildlife Park while he was here.

And it seems the Hollywood star wasn’t taking any chances with the wildlife while he was Down Under, as in the above video you can see him warn the kangaroo off ‘sucker punching’ him.

Will Smith has posted a hilarious video of himself squaring up to a kangaroo. Photo: Instagram/Will Smith
However, when he saw the size of the kangaroo he changed his mind. Photo: Instagram/Will Smith

“From my understanding is that a kangaroo will sucker punch you. And I’ve seen it,” Will said to the camera.

“You know I’m not looking for no trouble but I just want you to know that if that kangaroo come over her and he swing on me, I’m going to have to defend myself. “

Will’s tough act soon came to an end though, when he saw the actual size of the kangaroo.

“Oh, that’s the big one,” he said as the kangaroo moved and showed how muscly he was.

“Actually, I just changed my mind because I was talking s**t while I was looking at the little kangaroo and I just saw the big one and I think I’m just going to be respectful. That’s a big a** kangaroo.”

While at the wildlife park, Will also fed a crocodile, cuddles a koala and visited the snake enclosure.

Director of Life Sciences, Chad Staples, told the Daily Telegraph the father-of-three was a ‘very cool guy’.

“He was almost exactly like you hoped he would be,” Chris said.

“I think he appreciated how Featherdale allows you to interact with the animals. He was able to really immerse himself in the wildlife.”

While Will did visit Australia at the beginning of the year, it’s not clear whether his posting of the video means he’s on his way back over.

Indeed, the star has been posting photos from a family trip to Dubai with his three children, so perhaps they’ll make their way over to Sydney afterwards.

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