Wild claim after rottweiler attack

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Nikita Piil’s family has said they will share the real story of the incident ‘when she’s ready’. Picture: GoFundMe, Facebook

The family of Nikita Piil has broken their silence following the tragic incident in which she was viciously attacked by her two rottweiler dogs.

Ms Piil was mauled when she became “caught in a crossfire” between her dogs Bronx and Harlem at her Perth home on September 16, with the 31-year-old later undergoing emergency surgery to save her arm.

On Saturday the Piil family publicly began a fundraiser for Ms Piil’s medical expenses, revealing there is “more to this story as to what the media has told”.

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Nikita Piil’s family has said they will share the real story ‘when she’s ready’. Picture: GoFundMe

“As many of you know, our gorgeous Kita has been in the hospital due to the devastating and unnecessary dog attack, as seen on the news,” the family said in a statement published to GoFundMe.

“Our family have been trying to avoid publicity as this is a very tough time for us and we do not want our darling Kita to re-live what has recently happened.”

Ms Piil’s relatives Ric, Denise and Natasha Piil said the true story of the incident would be revealed “when she’s ready”.

Ms Piil has shared a lot of photos of her beloved pooches. Picture: Facebook
Ms Piil shared many photos of her and her beloved pets to social media. Picture: Facebook

“Unfortunately she got caught in a crossfire calming her dogs down due to an incident within the neighbourhood,” they said.

“There’s more to this story as to what the media has told…”

The family also flagged that Ms Piil will need to undergo further surgeries as well as rehabilitative care, and are seeking to raise $15,000 to help with her recovery.

Ms Piil had previously gushed about her “babies” online, posting photos and videos to social media before the vicious attack.

Bronx and Harlem were a big part of Ms Piil’s life. Picture: Facebook
Bronx and Harlem were Ms Piil’s ‘babies’. Picture: Facebook

“I couldn’t ask for a more incredible, cheeky, loyal, intelligent and protective little mate,” she wrote of Bronx in 2017.

“You’re my whole world.”

Her family said they had witnessed how much she “loved and adored” her dogs.

Ms Piil was discovered by neighbours on September 16 who had heard her screams.

Despite attempts to assist the 31-year-old, the dogs continued to maul her until police intervened.

The 31-year-old underwent surgery to save her arm. Picture Facebook
The 31-year-old underwent surgery to save her arm. Picture Facebook
Bronx and Harlem had ripped up some turf. Picture: Facebook
An image of Bronx and Harlem, who had ripped up some turf, shared to social media. Picture: Facebook

Neighbour Bryn Spencer told the ABC he was unable to save Ms Piil over fears for his own safety.

“I was contemplating jumping the fence and getting in there to rescue her but obviously there were two rottweilers in there … I would have been ripped apart,” he said.

“All I could really do was watch this girl get mauled apart while I was smacking the fence with a bat … while (another neighbour) was hosing the dog.”

Officers fired tasers at the animals, which failed, and were then forced to shoot.

One of the dogs was seriously injured.

Ms Piil was rushed to Perth Hospital and both rottweilers were later seized by the City of Cockburn.

The injured dog was euthanised due to his injuries.