Wife trolled over list of rules for husband's friends on stag weekend

Holly Hales
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A woman has been criticised online after giving her husband a list of strict rules ahead of his friend's stag do. Photo: Getty Images

A woman has been heavily criticised after she mandated a list of rules for her husband and his friends to follow on a stag night.

The demands were detailed in a contentious Facebook post which saw some outraged the orders were being imposed at a pre-wedding celebration that wasn’t even his.

“Hubby has been invited to a bachelor party and I’m more than happy for him to go but we are Christians so I was thinking of writing a list of rules for all the men to follow,” the woman began.

“Let me know if I’ve missed something.”

Do’s and don’ts

Among the night’s no-no’s were for the group were no alcohol, no illegal drugs no cigarettes and no ‘women at all’—including strippers.

However, while the asks are strict but fairly standard the rules soon descend and becomes more specific.

The attendee’s wife goes on to say the men can’t swear, ‘hurt each other’, gamble and must be home by midnight as well as having to have their phones tracked ‘at all times’.

Expectedly, other users were shocked at the woman’s demands, with some even labelling it ‘ridiculous’ and ‘nightmarish’.

“The fact she thinks these other people will follow this BS is laughable, and also, it’s called trust,” one person wrote.

“This is just not acceptable.”

Not her husband’s night

Others found fault in the fact the rules were imposed at a friend’s stag ‘do where the woman’s husband was only a guest.

“For his own bachelor party. He didn’t have you write a list of rules for a random friend’s bachelor party. Big difference,” she wrote.

Ultimately, the negative response caused the woman to employ even more drastic action—again on behalf of her husband.

“I can’t control him once he leaves the house and I can’t control his friends so I’ve decided to just not let him go,” she concluded.

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