Wife makes shock confession after starting an open marriage

A married woman has revealed her surprising reality after entering an open relationship. Photo: Getty

A frustrated wife has shared a shocking confession, after deciding to make her marriage an open one.

The candid admission came as part of a Reddit thread which detailed how her husband’s erectile disfunction and their lack of intimacy encouraged her to suggest the unusual arrangement.

“Multiple times I have caught him having emotional affairs and I have asked if he wants a divorce and he says no,” she wrote.

“A few weeks ago I brought up the subject of open marriage with hubby to see what he said. His response was as long as he didn't know about it, and it didn't happen in our home he was OK with it.”

With her husband’s tentative blessing, the woman – who said she’s been married for 20 years – decided to use the opportunity with a male friend she’d been ‘flirting’ with for some time.

“I really never intended to do it but I have been craving intercourse so badly the opportunity presented itself today,” she said.

Sexual exploration

Despite any inhibitions, she went ahead with the act, which the woman simply described as ‘mind blowing’ sex.

“I was so nervous and honestly it was the best sex I have ever had. I don't know how I feel about it now,” she wrote.

 “I know I will likely get a lot of hate. I just need to talk to someone about it, and NO ONE knows but the guy..... He is single he knows I am married. I have not felt like that in so long.”

She said the sex was 'mind-blowing'. Photo: Getty

However, in an unexpected twist, people were largely supportive of the wife’s decision to seek sex outside of her marriage.

“He gave his permission and you didn’t cross any of the boundaries he set up. You did good. Enjoy it for what it was and may continuing being,” wrote one commenter.

“It’s definitely not cheating because her partner said she could. She followed what was permitted. As long as she keeps the rules in mind more power to her,” added another.

“Who cares what others think? Your husband said OK, you are OK with it, no one is getting harmed, practice safe sex and get your freak on.”

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