Why your hayfever is so bad this year

Liz Tse

Attention all hayfever sufferers.

If you've noticed yourself sneezing and sniffling this year more so than last, you're not imagining things.

According to the ABC, the rainy winter season has led to more pollen in the air, prompting a particularly sneezy season in South-East Australia.

Sneezy? Itchy eyes? Your hayfever could be hitting you hard this year. Source: Getty Images.

Melbourne University botanist Associate Professor Ed Newbigin explained that Melbourne locals will be hit harder with hayfever symptoms this year due to the huge increase in pollen.

"When we get winds coming in from the north and northwest... they are bringing that grass pollen into the city," he said.

"This year will be different — people will notice their symptoms and think it is probably the worst season ever. It's probably not the worst season ever, but it is certainly worse than the past few seasons that we've had."

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Great. Just great.

Guess it's time to stock up on the Telfast.

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