Why You Should Be Wary If Your Partner Starts Dieting

Those who suddenly begin dieting while in a steady relationship may be preparing to break up with their significant other, a new study reveals.

Professor Klein of the University of Heidelberg, who studied 2,000 people aged between 16 and 55, found a direct correlation between the size of the participant's waistlines and the state of their relationships, concluding that those who were happy in their relationship weighed more than single people hoping to attract a partner.

Women On Diets More Focused On Food Than Their Relationship

"People in a relationship feel less pressure and often put on weight (as a result). In a happy partnership, people tend to get fat. With less competition, the weight difference is low."

Klein adds that when people are preparing to break up with their partner, they're likely to want to get back into a healthy lifestyle quickly, which could include a sudden diet and long hours at the gym.

"When you are on the lookout for a new partner (you're trying) to be as thin and attractive as possible," Klein explained. "Consequently, when one half in a relationship starts slimming down it can be interpreted as 'preparing for the partner market'."

Drop The "Diet" Food

In addition, the Daily Mail reports, a recent U.S. report found that married couples become "in sync" with each other over time, effectively mirroring each other's weight.

"Once the ink on the marriage contract dries up, they relax the control they had on their weight and appearance," said researchers.