Here’s why TikTokers are getting ‘Krissed’: ‘It’s an emotional roller coaster’

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If you haven’t gotten “Krissed” on TikTok yet, it’s only a matter of time.

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The silly trend was started by Kardashian fans as a way to punk people with fake celebrity gossip. Kris Jenner is of course the family matriarch and believed to be the prime orchestrator of the clan’s nonstop publicity machine. So even if you haven’t gotten Krissed on TikTok, you’ve likely gotten Krissed if you’ve seen an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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The trend was started by @wandakardashian. They used a photo of Kim and her children with the plausible caption, “I can’t believe Pete did this to Kim, she was so happy with him.

Then the image cut to a video of Jenner in a sparkling green dress dancing to “Lady Marmalade.”

“You just got Krissed! Send this to your friends to totally #Kris them!” the caption read. There are no over 12,000 videos associated with the trend.

“I cannot believe they broke off the engagement. They were so happy,” @scandalsinsandals said of Travis Barker and Khloe in the caption.

“I’m so happy for Kendall and her pregnancy,” @user53917727368 wrote, stirring another false rumor.

The trend has inspired a mixed reaction. “I’m seeing more Kriss videos than my dad,” @jaydensalaam said, begging people to stop pranking him.

“I’m not a big Kardashian follower but boy oh boy am I loving getting Krissed. It’s an emotional roller coaster,” @jaxartosaurus said in a video.

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