Why this photo of the royal ‘Fab Four’ has the world’s photographers talking

If Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are looking for a wedding photographer, they might want to give Karen Anvil a call.

She was at Sandringham on Christmas Day and snapped a fantastic photo of Princes Harry & William alongside Meghan and Kate on her iPhone.

She posted it to social media, and it was quickly shared by royal fans and media.

Four hours later she was still receiving messages asking for permission to use the picture - and advice from other Twitter users telling her to negotiate a price.

She said: "At first I said oh yeah sure. Have the photo. I know nothing about that."

But soon afterwards she was flooded with suggestions to copyright the photograph and earn some Christmas Day cash.

"The thing is - and I hate to play the single mum card - I'm a single parent, I work two jobs, which I'm proud of and I've always worked. Now I want to save money for my daughter for uni and if I can do that, and can get that opportunity that's amazing."

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