Why the ‘old money’ bob is 2024’s most coveted haircut

old money bob hairstyle trend
The ‘old money’ bob is 2024’s most coveted haircutGetty Images

In fashion and beauty circles, many have debated the direction in which ‘quiet luxury’ – last year’s stand-out trend – would go. While some favour the edgier energy of a ‘90s aesthetic (one that’s still minimal but whispers cool over classic), others have amped up the volume on luxury, oozing an ‘old money’ vibe.

Not loud, necessarily, but opulent, “the ‘old money’ trend is a progression of the ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic that we saw throughout the second half of last year, but it slightly steps the glamour up to celebrate expensive looking hair that has been expertly created,” hair stylist and trend forecaster Tom Smith tells Harper's Bazaar.

Of course, healthy, wealthy looking hair has always been central to the ‘quiet luxury’ movement, but the new poster girl for the trend 2.0 is the ‘old money’ bob – “a thick and luxurious hairstyle that is cut with blunt lines and minimal layering combined with voluminous, cushioned blow-dry styling”.

The haircut, currently filling TikTok and Instagram feeds, “is less subtle and effortless than the ‘quiet luxury’ look, but equally as refined,” Smith says. Key to an ‘old money’ hairstyle, he adds, is in the immaculate maintenance which signals attention to detail.

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Who does the ‘old money’ bob suit?

Given that bobs can work for all, Smith feels, this version is more about your style preferences than anything else. “This will suit those whose personal aesthetic is more polished and grownup,” he says. “It’s a great choice for those who appreciate quality clothing and who have the resources to keep the shape looking well maintained.” Note: DIY kitchen cuts are not going to, er, cut it.

What should you ask your hairdresser for to achieve the ‘old money’ bob?

“Ask for a length that suits your face and proportions,” Smith advises, adding that “between the collarbone and jaw is best, styled with either a side parting or a middle parting”. He continues, “if your face is wider, opt for a longer length, while if it is longer or slimmer, have the length sit closer to the chin”.

old money bob
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How should you style the ‘old money’ bob?

“Blow-drying the haircut with a large round ceramic barrel brush will give you the volume and smoothness this style is known for,” notes Smith, “while tools such as the Dyson Airwrap, utilising the round brush attachment, will also give a similar look in an easier-to-achieve manner”.

If you struggle to achieve body and bounce, try utilising these volumising hair products, and/or some simple styling tricks from legendary hairdresser Sam McKnight.

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