Why Melissa Leong had to answer that call during MasterChef's cliffhanger moment

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Melissa Leong surprised MasterChef viewers on Monday night when she took a phone call during the middle of a cliffhanger moment.

Melissa was about to tell the contestants the judge's thoughts on the main course they'd served during the challenge at Thai Ute in Melbourne's Ringwood East when the phone rang.

The real reason Melissa Leong answered the phone during MasterChef's cliffhanger moment has been revealed. Photo: Ten

"When it came to the mains – and the phone's ringing, I'll just go take that order," she said as she ran to the restaurant's phone and answered, "Hello, Thai Ute."

Contestants were clearly surprised and confused, with Khanh One saying, "What is she doing?"

Melissa then asked a crew member for a pen so she could write down a reservation time for the caller. She hung up and quickly returned to the group to deliver the feedback that the orange team was the "clear winner" of the evening.

Viewers and the contestants were surprised to see Melissa answering the phone, but she quickly returned to judging, informing the orange team they had won. Photo: Ten

Now, Ten Daily is reporting the real reason Melissa wanted to take the call was actually very sweet – she didn't want the restaurant to lose customers because the show was filming there.

Fans took to Twitter to share their surprise over the phone call situation.

It comes after fans shared their surprise at Melissa's "hot" husband Joe Jones, a pastry chef.

Viewers were given a brief glimpse at the French-trained chef during an episode of Masterchef which quickly kicked off something of a fan club for the 38-year-old’s ‘hot hubby’.

The heavily tattooed chef and bartender was seen in a couple of brief shots of Melissa’s ‘day on a plate’ segment recently.

He greeted viewers while Melissa introduced the couple’s ‘child’, their cat Ghost, and was spotted whipping up some Italian pasta in the pair’s kitchen.

The chef’s edgy looks and prowess in the kitchen didn’t escape fans’ notice.

“I wish I was Melissa's cat,” one fan wrote. “I can't stop thinking about it, what a cute family!”

Others didn’t beat around the bush.

Melissa herself weighed in on her “hot” hubby in an Instagram post thanking him for his brief appearance on her new, high profile gig.

“Shout outs to my awfully hot husbando @joeyromeolane for being a legend and agreeing to be on @masterchefau with me tonight,” she captioned a snap of the two.

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