Why everyone is losing it over this burger snap

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s the US burger joint that has us Aussies dreaming about it long after we’ve returned home from holidays, but this In-N-Out Burger is causing a stir online.

A photo, which was uploaded to Twitter by David Gardner, shows a perfectly wrapped In-N-Out Burger lying on the ground in Queens.

While it might seem like it may have just dropped out of someone’s takeaway bag, people on Twitter are freaking out because there is no In-N-Out Burger in New York.

According to the New York Post, In-N-Out Burger only has restaurants in Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and California.

“My buddy Lincoln found a perfectly wrapped In-N-Out burger...On the streets of Queens, New York! I AM FREAKING OUT,” DAvid wrote on Twitter, alongside a photo of the perfect burger.

“The nearest In-N-Out is 1,500 miles from here!!”

He went on to say that ‘unfortunately’ Lincoln didn’t eat it and joked that they are ‘no longer friends’.

People all over the internet have come up with their own conspiracies about how the burger got to the streets of New York, looking like it just came straight out of the grill.

“My theory is that some fancy company flew a bunch of them in and/or paid for a private pop-up In-N-Out in NY as a corporate party,” one person said.

“Then some attendee who didn’t appreciate their bounty or had already eaten their fill took one to go and dropped it by accident.”

Another person reckons it was an art installation, while someone commented saying: “4th sign of the Apocalypse.”

Since Twitter blew up over the snap, David’s friend, Lincoln, who came across the burger in the first place, has spoken out about his shocking find.

“It genuinely shook me to my core,” Lincoln told the New York Post.

Lincoln said he’s eaten ‘over 1000’ In-N-Out burgers in his life, so he knows it was the real deal.

His friend, David, has since taken to his Twitter to say that Lincoln’s theory is that ‘it arrived here thanks to a super rich person on a private plane’.

The mystery continues.

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