Kim Kardashian's Posts Untouched Bikini Photo

July 13, 2012, 12:06 pm Caitlin Chang | WHO Magazine whomagazine

Kim Kardashian flaunts a fit figure in an untouched photo on Twitter

Kim Kardashian s Posts Untouched Bikini Photo
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Kim Kardashian works hard for her signature figure, and has posted an untouched Twitter pic to prove it.

Wearing a flesh-coloured string bikini at a sunrise photo shoot for her Kardashian Khaos label, the reality star also completed two workout sessions that same morning. “Barrys Bootcamp & pilates done before 9am! I feel good! Beast mode day 2! Double workout week!” the 31-year-old tweeted to her some 15 million followers. The intense fitness regime is bound to impress her hip hop superstar beau, Kanye West, 35, who she has been dating since March.

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Once a lover of sweets, Kardashian has also cut refined sugar from her diet to maintain her toned curves. “Changing my eating habits makes a big difference,” the E! star told Us Weekly, and follows a healthy menu of “eggs with turkey bacon, then salad for lunch and fish, pasta or chicken for dinner.”

Kardashian has been a disciple of Barry’s Bootcamp, a favourite of celebrities including Stacy Kiebler and Jessica Alba, for two years. “It’s torture but it’s amazing. I see a difference right away when I go.” As for other essential fit tricks? “Squats and lunges are a must.”

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  1. Chantelle12:16pm Thursday 16th August 2012 ESTReport Abuse


  2. wanderer02:06pm Sunday 15th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    not my body type ....

  3. Paul.N01:04am Saturday 14th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Kim who? Would have been a lovely scenic sunset photo except it was spoiled by some trollop parking herself in the centre of it.

  4. Rob01:47pm Friday 13th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    nice facebut the dairy air is large and if she stops exercising then she will get huge and such a shame about the fical way she treats men and people. Such a shame as she could be very niceif she had a little more feeling for how others felt or what they needed and forgot about going to councilling for every damn concievable thing and sorted out things for herself. Stop taking advice from councillors and live how you want but treat all people the same and forget about being in the spot light all the time a bueatifull woman going to waste.


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