Ruby Rose is Hot for Megan Fox

November 13, 2009, 6:00 am Sarah Grant whomagazine

The 7PM host calls the Transformers actress "really sexy"

Ruby Rose is Hot for Megan Fox
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Photo by: Chris Coll

Move over Catherine McNeil, there’s another seriously smouldering Fox who has caught the eye of WHO’s Sexiest People covergirl Ruby Rose.

It’s no secret that the cheeky brunette, 23, is head over heels for her reported girlfriend, Australian supermodel McNeil. After months of speculation, the high-profile girls were recently snapped ensconced in a very public display of affection at a Sydney hotel. “She is hot, hot, hot,” Rose quipped of the Queensland born beauty, 20.

Yet there’s another femme fatale who has caught Rose's eye, one that the edgy TV star defines as her ultimate version of sexy. Hollywood screen siren and sex bomb extraordinaire Megan Fox. “She’s really sexy, but that’s because she’s crazy,” Rose tells WHO. “Megan is a self proclaimed lunatic and I’m very drawn to that, but in theory I wouldn’t be able to handle that either – I’m crazy enough myself.”

However it’s not just smouldering movie stars who get Rose’s blood pumping – the MTV presenter is also drawn to the integrity and elegance of Foxtel star and Mum of two, Sarah Murdoch. Says Rose: “Sarah’s a real woman, she’s successful, she’s driven and she has impeccable style and taste. She has a voice, she makes sure when she’s speaking that it’s something profound. I think that’s really sexy.”

For more of WHO Magazine's Sexiest People, see this week's issue, onsale Friday, Nov. 13

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  1. .04:33pm Friday 25th June 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    STUPID @#$% LOL

  2. Michelle Bachmann04:30pm Friday 25th June 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    No thanks Elf, no blokes in skirts. Only the pretty ladies like you. mmmmm yummy. lol

  3. .04:20pm Friday 25th June 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    YEAH we know Garfield ur a little player . U go for anything even a Man in a skirt lol

  4. Michelle Bachmann04:13pm Friday 25th June 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    Ruby Rose likes nearly anything in a skirt. Oh, so do I come to think of it. lol

  5. .03:44pm Friday 25th June 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    Never heard of her

  6. Tia02:15am Saturday 05th June 2010 ESTReport Abuse


  7. 11:49pm Saturday 21st November 2009 ESTReport Abuse

    Ruby Rose is the sexiest thing around! She is simply sex on legs. Good on her for being an out and proud lesbian! The rest of society needs to understand that being a lesbian or gay isnt a choice, and we're exactly the same as everyone else apart from who we are attracted to. Good on Ruby for giving light to the rest of us who are having trouble seeing it xx. And shame on those who think it is a "filthy habit." Get a life and walk on the hard side of life for once.

  8. Ren08:18am Sunday 15th November 2009 ESTReport Abuse

    Again this is amazing news reporting!!! Who the hell is Ruby Rose and who really cares??? Is this what shes "famous" for being a lesbian??? WTF boringgggggggggggg!!!! NEXT!!!

  9. hellllllooooooooo03:33am Sunday 15th November 2009 ESTReport Abuse

    who cares

  10. CherryRed12:06am Sunday 15th November 2009 ESTReport Abuse

    I wish Ruby never cut her hair = I mean the long black hair with the nasty fringe was so hot. It was fierce, pure, fantasy driven hot... Grow your hair again please for some of that pure hot sass that was such a bad ass head turner................... Gay or not gay, the long black was the sexiest..........................


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