Australia’s Next Top Model: Bullied Alamela Says, "I've Forgiven Them"

May 21, 2008, 3:11 pm Alicia Neil whomagazine

Bullied Australia's Next Top Model contestant Alamela Rowan says she's forgiven her perpetrators, despite being reduced to tears after seeing footage of herself being victimised on camera.

Alamela Rowan
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Speaking to WHO following her May 20 elimination from Australia's Next Top Model, 17-year-old contestant Rowan, who was repeatedly targeted by the self-named 'Bitchkateers' - Demelza Reveley, Alyce Crawford and Rebecca Jobson - while they were all living together in the model house, says she was traumatised as she relived the torment now that the program is airing on TV. "I was watching it with friends at home," says Rowan, "and we were all crying."

The aspiring model, who is currently in her final year of high school at NSW's Byron Bay High and spoke to WHO during a free period, believes the bullying may have led to her elimination from Top Model, as her confidence was crushed in those five weeks co-habiting with the Bitchkateers. "I felt like it was affecting my performance," says Rowan. "If you enjoy something it shows in your photos - it's easy to sell a product if you look happy. And I wasn't."

On whether she's made-up with 16-year-old contestant, Demelza Reveley - this season's youngest competitor - Rowan says she's "forgiven her", despite the show's hot favourite to win having poured water over her head. "But Demelza's not the kind of person I'd want as a friend." However, she's quick to point out she doesn't want to be viewed as the victim. "I'd like to come out triumphant, and show others it can be done," says Rowan, who is looking for an agent to help her continue modelling. "But [bullying is] something that needs to be stopped."

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