Romancing Rove: Tasma Walton Dishes On Proposing To Rove

July 31, 2009, 11:41 amwhomagazine

When news broke on June 17 that actress Tasma Walton, 35, had married TV host Rove McManus, 35, in a private ceremony a day earlier on the famous beach at Broome, WA, it took the showbiz world by surprise. After all, there had been no official engagement announcement to get publicity warmed up.

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In her first interview after the wedding, Walton tells WHO, "He'd gone to the States and I just missed him, and it was strange for me because I'd never viewed myself as the marrying type, really."

She did a painting for McManus that said "Marry me" and wrapped it as a gift. And? "He said yes."

As Walton explains to WHO, the low-key nuptials were exactly what they wanted. "We were very happy. It was a really great day."

Walton is now enjoying a holiday with McManus. "We travel really well together, actually, we go away a bit for our FFI [Fauna & Flora International] work. We both love animals and are passionate about conservation, so it works."

And those trips are far from five-star excursions, reveals the down-to earth Walton. "It's camping in the Cambodian jungle. I found it a little bit disconcerting at night time," she confesses. "I was just praying I wouldn't need to go to the toilet. I held on all night."

The Blue Heelers star Is returning to the small screen as a regular with her City Homicide character, Det Snr Sgt Claudia Leigh, now a permanent fixture on the cast as a psychologist and police profiler.

"My character Claudia talks a lot so there's a lot of dialogue to learn, a lot of jargon" says Walton. "It's funny when you do television, I could shoot in the morning and then if you asked me in the afternoon what the lines were, I wouldn't remember!"

Walton deals with all that line-learning by "sitting down in a nice quiet space. I've got a little study. Very Virginia Woolf."

But the chore of line-learning is more than recompensed by the overall job satisfaction. "I really enjoy City Homicide. I'm not interested in going back into uniform and doing that, but what I love about [Claudia] is, as a profiler she's looking at everything from a psychological perspective. It's a really nice character."

Surprisingly, for someone who has starred as a policewoman twice, Walton's not into cop shows on the whole, but "I like one of the SVU ones. I'll do Dexter."

For the full interview with Tasma Walton, pick up a copy of this week's WHO magazine, on sale Friday July 31.

City Homicide Season 3 premieres on Mon., Aug. 10 at 8.30 pm on Seven.

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