X Factor's Jai Waetford: I won't let fame go to my head

August 1, 2013, 12:16 pm Alyssa Braithwaite | WHO magazine whomagazine

The rising star talks fame and Justin Bieber with WHO

X-Factor s Jai Waetford: I won t let fame go to my head
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The X Factor's Jai Waetford on stage. Photo courtesy of The X Factor

He’s already emerged as one of the faces to watch on this season of The X Factor, but Year 9 student Jai Waetford says he won’t let his sudden fame go to his head.

The teenager from Sydney’s south-west impressed the judges when he performed his own song, “Don’t Let Me Go”, in his audition for the Seven Network show, causing Ronan Keating to call him “the best thing I’ve ever seen on X Factor...You are a superstar”.

Since then the 14-year-old singer/songwriter has been attracting stares at his local shopping centre and getting compared to pop superstar Justin Bieber.

“I look up to him,” says Jai, who showed WHO around his Campbelltown home, where he lives with his mum Alana Dow and grandparents Hannah and Roger Dow.

“He’s really cool and swag and his music is amazing.”

But while Bieber has raised eyebrows with some of his recent bad boy antics, Jai has his two feet planted firmly on the ground:“To fit in at school I have to be little Campbelltown boy Jai. And I appreciate that. I don’t want to be anyone else.”

Jai, who got his first guitar at age 6, writes his own songs and has got “seven or eight” finished.

Jai sings up a storm on the set of X Factor

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The out-going and fun-loving youngster says his X Factor experience has been “amazing” so far, and the judges “are really awesome” – but don’t think he isn’t taking the competition seriously.

“I’m really, really competitive,” admits Jai with a cheeky grin.

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For our full interview with Jai Waetford, pick up this week's issue of WHO, on sale today.

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  1. Tiffany06:59pm Sunday 06th October 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Jai is a singer/songwriter who is already famous at the age 14,Justin Bieber is just a normal guy who sings about girls all the time. Jai has lots of fans an amazing voice with an unbelievable talent you will be a person who will make everyone scream because you already are straight when you hoped on the x factor weldone!!

  2. The The09:23am Friday 02nd August 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Jai is a polished, groomed, performer, just like a lot of the contestants now on X Factor and the like!! They are not plucked from obscurity and put on the stage as amateurs! They are there by design!

  3. Steve H07:14pm Thursday 01st August 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    beever is a nobody . Horrid music and a tosser. He has money ,now, but he is still a nobody ..The Partridge family has more cred.. Or A flock of seagulls..

  4. Enough07:11pm Thursday 01st August 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    more garbage from ch7 seems they just won't let up with their garbage tv programs I hope it's a flop and it cost them big time

  5. Carla S06:32pm Thursday 01st August 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Jai is a singer/songwriter while the pop Superstar, Justine Bieber is only a singer not a songwriter. Jai is humble not a braggart like you know who. Good Luck Jai! With your talent, you'll be a SOMEBODY better than Justine Bieber. God Bless you.


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