Prince Harry: I Hope My Mother Would Be Proud Of Me

February 28, 2013, 7:36 am Simon Perry | People.com whomagazine

Prince Harry gets emotional talking about mum Diana & South African charity work

Prince Harry: I Hope My Mother Would Be Proud Of Me
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Prince Harry spoke touchingly about his charity work Wednesday night in South Africa – and of hoping that his mother, Princess Diana, would be proud of his efforts.

Diana worked to help those with HIV/Aids and Harry, 28, is doing the same in the tiny kingdom of Lesotho that he has been visiting this week.

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The Prince spoke after a whirlwind visit to the kingdom. There, he checked up on the work of the charity Sentebale that he set up with friend Prince Seeiso in memory of their late mothers.

Addressing a gala dinner in Johannesburg in neighboring South Africa, Harry said he hoped both mothers would be looking down with pride. "I hope she would be proud of what we are trying to achieve in her name," he said of Queen Mamohato Bereng Seeiso. "I hope that my mother will be proud, too."

Maybe, just maybe, they are together somewhere up there, with blueprints and sketches already mapped out! I can only hope we put the swings in the right place," he told the guests.

"Talking about HIV and understanding it isn't dangerous," Harry said at the dinner. "Denying it, or not knowing about it, definitely is."

And he sensed their efforts were beginning to have an effect. "We are now seeing many of these children begin to fulfill their ambitions and realize dreams that once seemed completely impossible."

Harry added, "Our aim and hope is that we can influence a decline in the transmission of HIV and increase life expectancy, in a unique way for Lesotho: by addressing the psychological and social needs of the next generation, which is so important.

"The future of this very small and beautiful country, and its magnificent people, could and should be very bright."

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  1. Ugnisaet10:43am Friday 01st March 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    How sad this kid thinks he should be thought of as a prince, these people he is being charitable to are in this position because of his family and their history. And lets see today how it has changed, Pitorious ?? on bail after killing someone, Black Taxi driver dead towed behind a police vechile for parking incorrectly, kids and their families starving out in the open, while elderly white people are in houses in the warmth well fed on retirement. I am proud of you Harry


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