MKR contestnats Chloe and Kelly. Photo: WHO Magazine
MKR contestnats Chloe and Kelly. Photo: WHO Magazine

My Kitchen Rules" contestants we most love to hate, WA’s Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay, have opened up on their social media backlash, cheating claims—and why they're hardly villains.

In an exclusive WHO interview and photo shoot, the Perth best friends say they’re feeling the heat—and the hate. “We’re shocked. It has been really brutal,” says Kelly, 27, of the social media backlash over their know-it-all attitude and catty calls. “My mum cried after the first episode.”

The outspoken pair, whose clashes with rivals Helena and Vikki has boiled into simmering tension on Seven’s home-cooking hit, insist they didn’t enter the show with their knives out. “We went on the show with the attitude, ‘Let’s just have fun, be ourselves’—not to be nasty at all!” says Kelly.

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As viewers took delight in the girls’ lackluster instant restaurant on Feb. 4—their dissatisfied rivals scored them just 18 out of 50—Chloe admits “it brought us down a peg or two,” adding they weren’t the only team to use store-bought items in their menu. “It was horrible to be called cheats,” she reveals. “Some people really pushed it into our faces.”

For self-professed gourmet traveller Kelly, whose come under fire for bragging about how she’s travelled to “over 42 countries,” it’s about time viewers cut her some slack: “People talk about their kids all the time; that’s their biggest experience in life. Mine is my travels,” she explains. “People take what we say and turn it on the most negative spin possible.”

The outspoken pair hope viewers will see them in a new light over time. “It’s definitely going to get a lot worse before it gets better,” says Chloe. “But we we made some awesome, lifelong friends on the show, so we cant be that bad!”

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