Tim Robards, Photo: Peter Brew-Bevan
Tim Robards, Photo: Peter Brew-Bevan

After handing out 20 roses during his debut on Ten’s The Bachelor Australia on Sunday night, Sydney chiropractor Tim Robards, 30, is one step closer to his dream of finding “the one.” WHO gets to know Australia’s most eligible man.

He’s a romantic:
A believer in love at first sight, Tim says his ideal girl will be “somebody whose values align with mine.” On his checklist? “First and foremost is love. Everything I do is around love. Trust and honest and family values are huge, too,” notes the self-professed romantic. “My friends will vouch for me that I can be a very supportive partner and friend. I have a lot of love to give.”

Looks matter:
A fan of healthy eating and outdoor exercise, the part time model has the cover of Men’s Health magazine and is looking for someone with an interest in health and fitness: “Initially, what attracts me is a great smile and expressive eyes,” says Tim. “And you can see from a physical point of view whether somebody respects their body and their health, so that’s important.”

He’s been in love before:
While he can “count on a few fingers” the number of times he’s been heartbroken, Tim’s dating history is peppered with “ a couple of one-year relationships,” with his longest and most serious at age 24. “She had a child. That was the one I came closest to thinking about marriage,” he concedes. “I took on her little boy like a son—there’s a fair bit of growth that comes with that.”

He’s single for a reason:
Single for “several months” when producers approached him to go on The Bachelor, “I thought, you know, take a chance,” says Tim, who went to a lfie coach to help clarify what he wants in a partner. “I’ve always been ready for love, I just haven’t found the one. So it’s not necessarily that I’m finally ready, I’m just the clearest I’ve ever been in what I’m looking for.”

Love is in the air on TV:
While rejecting the bachelorette’s “is the hardest part of this whole process,” Tim is confident there’s a true love match in his midst. “There are definitely great girls that have the values that I look for in an ideal partner,” says Tim, whose ideal date is one “with a lot of layers” to it. “There’s definitely potential to meet the love of my life!”

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