Kylie & Dannii Minogue. Photo: Channel 7
Kylie & Dannii Minogue. Photo: Channel 7

This Sunday marks 26 years since Kylie and Dannii Minogue last appeared together on local TV screens, for a Young Talent Time performance of "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves". While pop superstar Kylie "can't help but feel really nostalgic" looking back on their big hair and shoulder pads, the chance to step back in front of the camera with her sister (no perm in sight) as a guest mentor to Dannii's X Factor team in New York in June, was long-overdue: "I love how we just click into a great way of working together." The superstar siblings open up to WHO about what went down on set in the Big Apple—and their unbreakable bond—ahead of the X Factor Home Visits.

What did you most enjoy about being back on a TV set together for The X Factor, and why did you decide to do it at this point in time?

KM: The best part about filming X Factor was having the opportunity to hang out together. Also, it was a pleasure to be able offer a double dose of Minogue advice to the contestants!

DM: It was funny for us to feel the electricity in the room when we were together with the contestants. We hang out a lot, so we were surprised by the reaction! We have only worked together when it felt right and this just happened naturally. We have never forced anything to happen. It has to be fun, and we like to make it something special.

What constitutes the 'X Factor' for you?

KM: That magic that makes you want to see more, hear more and really connect with that person.

DM: You know someone has the 'X Factor' when the hairs on your arms stand up and you are compelled to jump out of your seat and applaud.

Would you audition for The X-Factor if you were just starting out as an artist?

DM: Hmm … Not if I was faced with myself on the judging panel!

KM: Perhaps. Would I have made it through? I don't know!

Kylie, do you have a motto you live by that you shared with Dannii's contestants?

KM: Not a life motto. But I told them to make the most of this opportunity and enjoy the experience. And soak up the energy in New York City, which is full of so much performance history.

How much of a say did you have over each other's wardrobes on set? Do you ever share or swap clothes with one another?

DM: New York City was a complete girly-fest. We hung out in each other's rooms and had dress-ups and sing-offs while doing hair and make up. Kylie was doing lots of American promo, so I had fun looking through all her amazing styling pieces—shoes, shoes, shoes!

KM: We were staying in the same hotel in New York, so we were able to show each other our outfits. We wanted to complement each other so this was great. As for sharing clothes, mum, Dannii and I tend to swap, borrow and permanently loan each others' clothes. Since we're all small, we can share the love with a lot of our clothes and shoes. Then there's hats, jewels—the list goes on!

How would you describe the nature of your bond as sisters?

KM: Best friends and confidantes. Even if we don't see each other as much as we would like to, that bond is always there. As for whether one is motherly, that depends on our situations; if one is in need, then the other will be there. We don't take this for granted and family gives us the security and confidence to live our lives and do what we do.

DM: There is the deepest trust between us. There is nothing like the security of knowing there is always someone there for you, and as Kylie said, we never take that for granted.

Dannii says she hasn't ruled out a return to music. Is there a Kylie/Dannii collaboration in the pipeline? Or is this something you'd consider in the future?

KM: It is always on the horizon!

DM: We have a special duet on my This Is It: The Very Best Of album. We recorded "The Winner Takes It All", one of our favourite ABBA songs in London. It is a bit of Minogue fun!

Kylie, what can we expect from your hotly-anticipated first album through your new label, Roc-Nation?

KM: My album isn't finished yet, but it is sounding great. I've been working with amazing songwriters and producers and have had all year to experiment and find the sound that feels right for right now. It is true to my roots in that it is pop/dance but definitely has a fresh flavour. I can't wait for you all to hear it.

There's a new Kylie Minogue At Home range coming to Myer. Given you travel so much, what constitutes 'home' for you?

KM: When I started the Kylie Minogue at Home range, I was at the design studio and came up with the tag line there and then: 'One of life's greatest luxuries is to be at home'. Whilst I love a lot about my transient lifestyle, living out of cases in hotels around the world, I need to find balance with consistency. And that is at home.

See Kylie and Dannii Minogue reunite when the X Factor home visits kick off this Sunday at 6.30PM on the Seven Network. For more on the pop star sisters, check out danniiminogue.tumblr.com and kylie.com and be sure to pick up next week's issue of WHO, on sale Thursday.'''

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