PHOTOS: Amanda Bynes' Fall From Grace In Photos
PHOTOS: Amanda Bynes' Fall From Grace In Photos

Amanda Bynes' parents have begun the process of obtaining a temporary conservatorship over their daughter's affairs, according to reports out Thursday, after the couple visited their estranged daughter at a facility in Ventura, where she's been undergoing an involuntary mental health evaluation after police placed the star under a 5150 psychiatric hold on Monday.

Court papers were filed by Lynn and Rick Bynes on Thursday, TMZ said, and a hearing was set for Friday, according to E! News. A conservatorship, which TMZ reports is difficult to obtain in California, would give them control over their daughter's personal and financial decisions.

Lynn and Rick Bynes' decision comes after Bynes was detained Monday night after allegedly setting a fire in the driveway of a home near her parents' house in Thousand Oaks, California. No injuries were reported and Bynes was not arrested, according to authorities, but bystanders have attested to seeing the actress' pants on fire. Bynes also attempted to wash her Pomeranian in a nearby liquour store's employees-only restroom before jumping in a cab to leave the scene.

Amanda Bynes with her estranged parents. Photo: Getty

Just one day before, Bynes was accused of being drunk and trespassing a local retirement community, leaving the premises via taxi cab after being turned away by management. (The Nickelodeon star had claimed she was visiting a family member there.)

Earlier this month, Bynes showed up in a New York courtroom wearing an aqua-colored wig to face a charges of reckless endangerment and attempted tampering with physical evidence after allegedly throwing a bong out of her 36th-floor Manhattan apartment window and smoking marijuana in the lobby of the building on May 23.

The actress underwent a psychiatric evaluation following her arrest, and has said [she plans to sue the NYPD for "illegally entering my apartment, lying about drugs on me and lying about me tampering with non existent drug paraphernalia." Bynes was silent in court as she was told to return Aug. 26 for another hearing.

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