Kim Kardashian. Photo: Getty
Kim Kardashian. Photo: Getty

Learning to love her pregnancy curves has been hard for Kim Kardashian.

Discussing her growing baby bump with family on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kanye West's 32-year-old girlfriend asks, "How the f#@k did I get like this?" as she gives viewers a glimpse of her bare belly while modeling lingerie.

Kim Kardashian. Photo: E!

Kardashian admits that embracing her changing shape has been one of the biggest challenges of pregnancy. "It was really hard for me to accept that the body changes, and I was having a different kind of pregnancy than Kourtney did," Kim said of her older sister (mum to Mason, 3, and Penelope, 10 months, with partner Scott Disick). "She made it look really easy."

Body-bullied for gaining weight ever since she announced she was expecting a child with her rapper beau last December, Kardashian insists she has learned to tune out the critics. "Now I love being pregnant!" she recently told WHO. "Ever since the baby started to kick I've really embraced it."

With motherhood less than three months away, Kardashian says she is kicking back and learning to relax.

"I'm past all the awkward phases and stages of my pregnancy. I finally embrace it. I love it now, but it took a minute," she confesses. "It was a lot of body changes and stuff."


Kardashian continued: "I have the rest of my life to lose weight, and I'm not really worrying about it. If I have a craving, I'll go for it."

Her biggest supporter throughout pregnancy? Her mum, Kris Jenner, of course. "I've just never seen Kim this happy," Jenner recently told Us Weekly. "She's happier than she's ever been and feeling so good. She's just embracing the whole thing, and that just makes me very proud."

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