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Antonia Kidman has added another child to her brood, giving birth to son Alexander Norman Kidman Marran on December 3.

Weighing a “healthy three kilos”, the child arrived in the “early hours” of Monday morning in Sydney. Due in late December, Kidman, 42, told WHO she and husband, banker Craig Marran, 44, are “thrilled” by their new family member who “caught us by surprise arriving earlier than anticipated, with Craig and [daughter] Sybella jumping on a flight from Singapore and arriving this morning.”

The Singapore-based couple, who met in 2009, share another child, Nicholas, 22 months, while Kidman also has four children – Lucia, 13, Hamish, 11, James, 9 and Sybella, 5 - from her marriage to first husband, Angus Hawley.

Speaking to WHO in September, Kidman admitted she was unsure how to “rationalise having six children,” but believes taking a step back from her career has made her more equipped. “If I was still the worker bee like I was in Sydney, I just couldn’t do that.”

But will six children be enough for the TV presenter turned author? “I think so!” she laughed. “Ever since I’ve started having children, I’ve just loved it. I feel very lucky.”

It’s bound to be a special time of year for Kidman and her clan. “Alexander’s brothers and sisters are all excited and we are looking forward to spending a wonderful family Christmas together,” she said. “We want to thank everyone for their kind wishes at this special time in our lives.”

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