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Is the Duchess Of Cambridge pregnant (“It’s Twins!”) or did Star magazine use Photoshop to make Kate Middleton look like she’s sporting a baby bump?

After claiming "It's Official -- Kate's Pregnant!" on the cover of it's September 17th issue, '"Star'' Magazine's new October 1 issue can reportedly now "confirm" that "It's Twins!" Using a photo of the Duchess - wearing a Prabal Gurung dress and holding a glass of water - from the state dinner in Singapore on September 11, the magazine shows The Duchess Of Cambridge with her hand on seemingly bumped-up belly. Moreover, a family friend reportedly confirms Middleton had an early pregnancy test done and her hormone levels indicated that two royal babies were on the way.

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Gossip site, Celebuzz was first to report on Middleton's apparent photoshop. "When put side by side with the original, untouched image of Middleton, distinct differences materialize. Not only has is her floral slim-fit frock been mysteriously blown out - Photoshopped in magazine parlance - but Prince William's wife is mysteriously missing her right-hand ring on Star's "It's Twins!" cover," the website states.

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When comparing Star's cover photo with the original, The Huffington Post echoed similar discrepancies:

"Star flipped the wire photo horizontally, which is standard publishing practice, and they've also lightened the Duchess' hair and face. But in our opinion, the retouching seems to go further. The lines of Catherine's dress appeared fuzzy on Star's cover, a sure sign that they've been manipulated (i.e., pressed outward to suggest a bump, perhaps?). They also seem to have removed a ring from her right hand and re-adjusted the water glass so it could be closer to her face. The placement of the "William's Warning!" graphic, which covers her backside, also makes her slim figure look wider than it is."

It's not the first time the Duchess of Cambridge has been photoshopped on the cover of a magazine. in August, Middleton appeared on the cover of Marie Claire South Africa.

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