• Celeb Couples: From Denial to Breakup

Madonna & Guy Ritchie

From denial to split: 15 months

The British director didn't exactly dampen speculation in July 2008 when he denied rumors of an impending breakup – sort of – saying his marriage to the pop icon was fine … "as far as I'm aware of." The couple announced they were divorcing in October 2009.

Photo by Getty Images Jun 22, 2012

Celeb Couples: From Denial to Breakup

See the stars who publicly claimed their love was true – while silently making plans to split

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  1. Ghost Hunter01:38pm Tuesday 08th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Another SKANK - the less than talented 'madonna' ! Ugly pig should have stayed doing the only thing she ever showed any talent at - making hard core porno videos !