10 Minutes With ... Zombieland's Emma Stone

December 14, 2009, 10:45 am Annette Dasey whomagazine

The natural blonde, who dyed her hair red for Superbad and never went back, talks about her twitter freak-out

10 MINUTES  WITH ... Emma Stone


After using a PowerPoint presentation set to Madonna’s “Hollywood” to convince her parents to let her relocate from Arizona to Los Angeles at age 15, Emma Stone won roles in The Rocker, The House Bunny and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Now 21, she plays a woman trying to survive in a world overrun by the undead in the comedy Zombieland. The natural blonde, who dyed her hair red for Superbad and never went back, talks to Annette Dasey about her twitter freak-out, what she’s a natural at and those tricky things she could do better.

What was the hardest part of making Zombieland?

I’d never done action before and I’m not good at running — that was hard on me. I kept injuring myself so that was difficult physically. Other than that, it was fun. I got to shoot guns and pretend to be a bad-ass.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years’ time?

I’ve never been able to have a five- or 10- or a one-year plan because what I want changes all the time still. But one thing I’ve always known I wanted to do since I could talk was acting. So this, hopefully.

What did your mother think you were good at?

She thought I was a good dancer, but she admitted I cannot do any back moves — backflips and things — and said, “You just don’t move in that way.” And that’s true. I broke my wrists and couldn’t be a gymnast anymore, but I always wanted to be an actor and she was always incredible about that.

Do you have Facebook and Twitter accounts?

I have a private Facebook, not under my name. I twittered for a little while and then had a little panic attack about it because all of a sudden you have more than 10,000 followers. It’s unbelievable that at one time you can reach out to that many people at once.

What do you think about so much of your life being public?
The internet has connected people in such a way, but that’s why there are so many more paparazzi now. Everybody feels the need to have their business out there and feels like everything they say is the most important thing. It’s a scary thing to think about.

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  1. Jeff Rhey07:22pm Saturday 17th April 2010 ESTReport Abuse

    im her #1 fan in philippines (^_^)

  2. Benjamin Linus06:44pm Friday 18th December 2009 ESTReport Abuse

    Emma is awesome.


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