Spider-Man 3’s Topher Grace Talks About His Hot Babysitter Chloe Sevigny

January 29, 2008, 2:10 pmwhomagazine

The Spider-Man 3 star talks to WHO about his Chloe Sevigny crush, his fab family and turning his back on all things celebrity.
by Annette Dasey


]The town you're from in Connecticut, Darien, is where Kate Bosworth and Chloe Sevigny are from, isn't it?

Yeah, it's funny because I did a movie [Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!] with Kate and I'd chaperoned her on a skiing trip that we'd been on together. That's when we met. My best friend, Ginnifer Goodwin, we're very close, who I was in Mona Lisa Smile and Tad Hamilton with, she's on a show with Chloe, Big Love, and it's crazy, she used to babysit me. It's weird.

Was Chloe the cool babysitter?

Oh yeah. I had such a crush on her when I was a kid. She was the cool babysitter. And we were in plays together too - she was the Scarecrow and I was the Tinman. And this other guy Jamie Vanderbilt, he's a huge Hollywood screenwriter now [he wrote Zodiac], he was the Wizard.

What are your family like?

They're awful. I don't speak to them anymore. No, they're amazing. They still live in the same town I grew up in with Chloe and Kate in Connecticut. They were just at the premiere. My sister lives in New York, I live in New York for most of the year, so I'm even closer with them now, since [That '70s Show] ended I've been able to live in New York more. And they're wonderful.

Do you think that's why you're so grounded?

Yeah. No, I think it's an unfair advantage to have great parents but I'm spoiled that I do have great parents and they bring me down to earth real quick if I ever need it.

Do they ever need to?

No. I think usually the stuff that makes people bad when they become famous is stuff that was inherited years ago and is just magnified when they become famous, like it was going to happen anyway just millions of people wouldn't have known about it.

You had to dye your hair for Spider-Man 3. What did you think of it?

It was awful. I hated it and my friends hated it too. I remember once, I had to work out for six months before the movie started and kind of get in shape, and my dad called my cell phone and I said, 'Look Dad, I can't talk right now, I'm leaving the gym and I'm on my way to the salon'. He said, "Who are you? You've left the what and you're on the way to the what?'.

What's your greatest career achievement?

Well this movie was fun. In Good Company with Dennis Quaid was big for me because that role probably should have gone to someone more famous but I felt really really strongly about that movie. My proudest moment was getting Traffic because I hadn't done a film and everyone else on '70s had. There was a big teen boom back then so I kept getting sent these young adult teen movies and I just didn't like them. It was easy to say yes to Traffic, that was clearly going to be a huge movie because of all the movie stars that are in it, but my proudest moment was probably saying no to the ten crappy teen movies that came beforehand because the show wasn't a hit at that time, I didn't have any money, I was just a college student and it was very hard to say no to a movie. If someone said, 'You're 18, do you want to star in this movie? You'll get paid tonnes of money and there are all these hot people in it', it was very hard to say no. Those movies were pretty bad but at the time you're saying, 'Who am I to turn that down money and a movie, anything? This show is probably going to get cancelled' but I just felt like I wouldn't go and see this movie, I can't spend three months making them.

It must've been amazing working with Traffic director Steven Soderbergh as well?

Yeah, he's great. I had a thing in Ocean's 11 and Ocean's 12 and was supposed to have a thing in Ocean's 13 but couldn't do it because I was doing re-shoots for this. I was going to be holding like a Chinese baby, that was going to be my role, because I'm always knocking Hollywood so I was going to be like, I think he was going to be playing with my hair, and I was going to be like, 'No, Daddy's talking' or whatever but I didn't get to do it unfortunately.

What was it like working with George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, et al?

It's amazing. I've been able to be in some films with some huge superstars. It's great. It's like if you're in business you want to hang out with the biggest CEOs of companies to say what's your trick to success, what's your path, and I've been able to hang out with Brad Pitt, and Clooney and Julia Roberts. Michael Douglas is amazing, on my first film [Traffic], and Dennis Quaid and I grew really close on that film [In Good Company] and I actually went and chilled out on his ranch a little bit.

Did you get some tips from new dad Tobey Maguire on fatherhood as well?

That just happened at the very end of the shoot and he talked about it and look he really cares about his child, he's really in love with Ruby, and it's just great to watch good examples. His wife's a really cool chick and we hung out a bunch of times and I wish the same for myself.

Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?

I don't usually talk about my personal life.

Can I ask you if you were looking for a girlfriend what kind of girl would you go for?

No, I hate actors when they talk about stuff like this. It's always so, there's never like a good answer, you know. You know what I really hate is when actors talk about charity work and stuff, because I think they should just do it and not publicise their own stuff.

But wouldn't they would argue that they're publicising it because it brings in more money or awareness for the cause?

Oh, if they're doing it for that reason that's great but I just hate it in interviews when someone's going, 'To be with these kids and look into their eyes.' I'm like, 'You're a great person, just relax.' I'm actually very anti-celebrity, celebrity being a different word from actor.

How are you coping with that now?

Well I don't think I have much celebrity. No one really knows who I date because I refuse to talk about it and nobody knows anything about me besides the roles I play which is the way you want it if you want to be an actor. The reality of it is I'm really boring and I just I don't like going out, I'm a real homebody but I think people mistake that for having an air of mystery which is fine.

So does that mean that you're not attracted to or just intentionally choose to not hang out with the young Hollywood crowd?

Yeah, I think you have to not, look, it's not like I haven't gone to whatever the hot club in Hollywood is or that I don't know certain celebrities but I think there's a conscious choice you make to get into the world where people know a lot about your personal life. It's funny to me that the public doesn't think more about why there are certain celebrities they know everything about their personal life and others they know nothing about like Denzel Washington or Tom Hanks.

What was Kirsten Dunst like?

Kirsten's great. I worked with her - I had a small role in Mona Lisa Smile - so I knew her. Me and Bryce Dallas Howard were the new kids in this and we were a little nervous the first day but they were really friendly and Kirsten's a really friendly and upbeat person. Tobey's really funny too. He's so serious, he looks very serious on screen but off screen the guy's a real cut up. He's a funny guy. It took us about a year to shoot it so a lot of it was just us cracking each other up.

Is there something about these huge stars, an extra element, or is it just luck that got them where they are?

Oh no. Everyone I've worked with you go, it is not a coincidence that, like Julia Roberts, is a huge star, but it almost always has to do with hard work and their approach and being good people. It's a very small community, Hollywood, and so if someone's a jerk you know about it straight away.

You describe yourself as boring and don't like going out clubbing a lot. What do you like doing in your spare time?

These last three years has really been an incredible amount of work for me. I'd say my biggest hobby right now is dinner with friends which doesn't sound like an incredibly hard hobby but if I could just get a lot of my friends together for a dinner and talk and catch up that would be a great goal for me. It's just hard. Some of these films you're filming on location so by the time you're done everyone's asleep so if I have time off I love to see a good friend. I have a very close core group of friends.

And they're not famous?

Nope. One of them, my best friend [Gordon Kaywin] who I just produced Kids in America with was my roommate in boarding school in the tenth grade. It was great. It's kind of an ensemble. A lot of young kids my age that I'm fans of. There are not many films that feature kids in their 20s. It's like American Graffiti and Dazed and Confused. It was a hard experience producing, kind of a new experience for me. I didn't write it - it says on imdb.com I did.

What else are you going to do while you're in Australia?

I'll probably just walk around and go to some restaurants. My parents were big on the things you had to go to in each country, like, 'You've got to see the Mona Lisa before we leave France' but I never understand why. I loved when we went to France just walking around, going to a café, kind of blending in.

So you won't tell me what you look for in a girl?
I hate hearing celebrities talking about that. By the way, they always say personality but do they always mean personality? Lots of personality.

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