the Entourage Interviews, Part I

January 30, 2008, 12:29 pmwhomagazine

Adrian Grenier, 30, plays spunky rising star Vincent Chase who brings his hometown posse from Queens, NY to live with him in Los Angeles. Kevin Connolly, 32, is Vince's manager Eric (aka E), the most serious and level-headed of the posse. We spoke to them at the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel in Bevery Hills, California.

Kevin Connolly

Do you guys have a real life entourage?
Adrian: Kevin Connolly. [Kevin laughs]. I've never had an entourage until I did the show and now I have a full-fledged entourage in Kevin Connolly.
Kevin: We don't really have entourages. You gotta have a lot of money to have one-it's an expensive habit.

Adrian: I think entourage is a fancy word for friend. I think everyone has an entourage.

Do you think Vince is spoiled?
Adrian: No. I think being spoiled is when you get something you don't appreciate and deserve and you take it for granted. Vince and all the guys really do appreciate where they are in life, and I think he's really generous and that helps keep him grounded and gracious.

Kevin: And also Vince doesn't take himself very seriously and I think that helps the audience connect with him. He doesn't really see himself as being better than any of his friends. That's just other people's perceptions.

Do you have as much success with women in your life as on the show?
Kevin: [To Adrian] I'll let you answer that [laughs]

Adrian: Vince hasn't had as much success as he should, actually. I'm starting to complain. I remember when we shot the pilot and there's a pool scene and there's all these girls, and I took a step back and said, 'Wow, this is what it's going to be like for the next several years.' But ultimately it's not really about that. It's about our friendship and how we keep each other rooted and grounded.

Could you live a life like Vince's?

Adrian: He's got a charmed life and not much goes wrong for him-what's not to like?

What's been your craziest interaction with a female fan?

Adrian: I was at a bar and this woman comes up to me and goes, 'Me and my 16 year-old daughter are the biggest fans of your show. We watch it every Sunday.' I was like, 'Oh, thank you very much. Alright, give my best to your daughter. See you later.' And she goes [seductively], 'Oh, if you met my daughter, you'd want to give her your best!' And I was like, 'Whoa, okay, see ya!' People get weird for sure.

] What about your craziest interaction?

Kevin: I had a girlfriend for quite some time [Nikki Hilton] and girls could be pretty bold. They'd come and give me their numbers right in front of her.

You have a threesome in the new season, Kevin. Must have been a fun shoot!
Kevin: Look, it's awkward. It really is. Obviously there are worse days of work, and it was pretty tame as threesomes go.

Adrian: Like I said, Vince doesn't get enough action. E is getting all the action!

Are you party boys in real life?

Kevin: Not as much as on the show. That's the funny thing about Entourage. You see the guys wake up, Drama cooks breakfast, they go hit golf balls off the roof, they go shopping on Melrose, they come home, Drama cooks dinner, they go out to a club, they bring girls back, they party all night and then get up the next day and do the same thing What the show leaves out is the work. You never see Vince working! The 120-day Aquaman shoot on a James Cameron movie would have put Vince Chase into the ground. so we sort of skip all the work stuff-it's all about the fun.

How are you like your characters?
Adrian: I'm pretty laid back, and I don't take success too seriously.
Kevin: I like to think that I'm a bit more fun to be around. I made an independent film and I directed it, so E's business side I relate to. But he's a little stiff.

Adrian: [giggling at Kevin's interview style] He's so serious!

Is there a real life Vince in Hollywood?

Adrian: People say to me, 'I heard Vince is based on Mark Wahlberg,' and I was like, 'Well the idea of following a celebrity and his friends was based on Mark Wahlberg,' but I wasn't going to try to be like Mark Wahlberg because there already is a Mark Wahlberg. I had to be a unique character.

What's your relationship with Mark Wahlberg?

Kevin: He put the whole thing together, he got all of us together, and he lined it up, and now he leaves it to the writers to do their jobs. But he's there for anything that anybody will ever need. He's a great guy. He's behind the actors 100 percent.

How has being on Entourage helped your careers?
Kevin: It just changed everything. Quickly, too. The trick is trying to find another job that you want to do. It's almost like the ones they want you for you don't want; the ones you want you can't get.

Adrian: I got offered Air Bud 4 [laughs].

Do you all hang out outside of work?

Adrian: Actually, last night we did a scene rather late and I didn't have my car at work and I asked Kevin, 'What are you doing tonight? Maybe I'll go with you? We'll hang out.' And they yelled, 'Cut, that's a wrap!' I turned around, and he was gone!

What's it like to shoot with Jeremy Piven-especially when he's throwing out these crazy lines?

Kevin: He's experimental. He tries things. For me, I just try to be the straight guy and let him bounce off the wall. He kills me, particularly if he's got a joke at the end of a scene. He makes up ridiculous things and a lot of times they stick-like `R Kelly at recess!'

Does being famous change you or the people around you?
Adrian: I have to say there's a lot of pressure and it's a very bizarre experience. But working with these guys, who are so down-to-earth and cool-I think we've all been lucky because we've managed to remain level-headed and hardworking throughout this because there's no big egos, no divas.

Kevin: Hollywood can be a very humbling town. You could be sitting there in a restaurant and feeling like you're a big shot, and then, you know, Johnny Depp walks in. That takes care of that!

Did you ever think the show would be this big?
Kevin: Not in a million years. How could you know? I've done 10 pilots in my life. It comes out of nowhere.

Adrian: Is it cocky of me to say that I assumed it would be a success?

Why does the show travel so well?

Adrian: People live vicariously through Vince's success and the decadence of his lifestyle but also I think they live vicariously through the success of his friendships with his friends of many, many years, and I think people respond to that very well.

Did you have a film at Toronto Film Festival in September, Adrian?

Adrian: Yeah. It's a documentary called A Shot in the Dark. I've been making it over the past 6, 7 years and it's basically my personal search for my estranged father. I explore the idea of father and the importance of it. It's a very poignant tale. [laughs]. I had a lot of trepidation about whether or not I actually wanted to show it because it's really personal. I think [US cable network HBO, which produces Entourage] might end up buying it.

What's going on with your band, The Honey Brothers?
Adrien: We're rocking out. We have a new video. Go to The HoneyBrothers.com and check it out.

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