Coco Austin. Photo: Getty
Coco Austin. Photo: Getty

Forget the gym - Coco Austin keeps fit by pole dancing.

Flaunting a fit figure in new photos on Twitter, Ice-T's voluptuous other half - who maintains a fitness blog - revealed to fans that she's considering competing in the bodybuilding industry after a revved up workout regime has delivered results the fitness model is ready to show off proudly.

Coco Austin. Photo: Coco Austin's Twitter

"Flexing the top of my booty muscle.. see dedication pays off. #legs #muscle = Power," Coco captioned the photo, which shows off one of her favourite body parts.

"Not everybody can build this muscle. It has to be in your genes. Its kinda looks like the top of a heart shape. I use heavy weights to work this area," she goes on to explain.

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Coco, now 34, recently confessed that her fitness levels took a hit when she turned 30. "I hate to say it but as we age it just gets harder..for me once I hit 30 I had to up the ante with cardio."

How? Pole dancing of course. "Just another day in pole fitness class.. this is called the "pole split"..I'm very serious about it" Coco shared in her most recent fit-pic.

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