image courtesy of Allure
image courtesy of Allure

Actress Keira Knightley shows some skin in her December cover for Allure magazine, discussing body image and career.

Knightley, who famously filed suit against a British tabloid for labeling her anorexic in 2007 and won, has long faced accusations in the media for being too thin - words, the actress says, which haven't left her unaffected.

image courtesy of Allure

"The anorexic stuff—it's always going to have an impact, so I think it did hit pretty hard," she tells Allure in its December issue. "Because you go, oh, maybe that's right! I knew I wasn't anorexic, but maybe my body is somehow not right."

And while today, the 27-year-old says she's comfortable with her body, she acknowledges the movie industry hasn't always been as accepting of her natural form as it should have been.

"They always pencil in my boobs," she explained of her films' excessive Photoshopping and general body altering in promotional materials. "I was only angry when they were really droopy."

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"For King Arthur, for a poster, they gave me these really strange droopy tits. I thought, well if you're going to make me fantasy breasts, at least make perky breasts," she says.

As for her rules about stripping off on screen, Knightley insists she wouldn't object to it - for the right role.

“I’m quite rigorous about what gets exposed. No bottom half! I don’t mind exposing my t— because they’re so small – people really aren’t that interested!” she says.

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