What's Actually In The World's Most Expensive Milkshake?

Serendipity3 LUXE milkshake
Serendipity3 LUXE milkshake - Serendipity3/Facebook

At NYC's Serendipity3, the classic old fashioned milkshake has gone through a serious upgrade. The famed restaurant's LUXE milkshake is poured into a glass that is coated in 3,000 Swarovski crystals. This special recipe is made with Tahitian Vanilla ice cream, a variety of vanilla that offers subtle floral notes, and Jersey milk, which is packed with more fat and protein than other milk and offers a thicker consistency that is ideal for creating smoothly decadent milkshakes.

"It is such a pleasure and such an honor to be awarded the Guinness World Records title for Most expensive milkshake ... It was exciting to develop such a unique recipe and I hope our customers enjoy every drop of this creamy, rich milkshake," Serendipity3's chef, Joe Calderone, told Guinness World Records in 2018. This is the kind of sweet treat you certainly won't want to leave even a drop behind.

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Committed To Indulgence

Serendipity3 milkshake
Serendipity3 milkshake - Eat My Critique/YouTube

If your taste buds are beginning to dance, Serendipity3 also uses pricey Madagascar vanilla in this milkshake recipe. This sweet drink of indulgence is topped with English clotted cream, 23 karat edible gold, Italian Maraschino cherries, and drizzles of creamy Le Cremose Baldizzone, a sauce made with donkey milk, Venezuelan cocoa, cane sugar, and hazelnuts. All this can be yours to sample for $100, but you'll need to place your order in advance.

Should you want to try other pricey desserts, Serendipity3 is well-positioned to cater to your whims. The restaurant offers a $1,000 ice cream sundae covered in gold, and for lovers of all things chocolate, the original Frrrozen hot chocolate made with over a dozen types of chocolate is sure to satisfy persistent sweet cravings. If you can't see yourself spending a Benjamin to sip a milkshake, you can make a milkshake at home and customize your drink to your liking with boxed cake mix, milk powder, tahini sauce, malted milk powder, or buttermilk. You may not be winning any awards, but you sure will have a delicious treat to put back.

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