Every single thing Roxy Jacenko eats in a day

Carly Williams

It’s no secret Roxy Jacenko follows a strict regime to maintain her exceptional figure.

One look at the PR queen’s Instagram Stories and you’ll see Roxy lifting weights or working on her core stability in the cutest gym outfits imaginable.

Roxy once joked her diet consisted of

But, of course, the mum-of-two watches what she eats in order to live her best life, and says there’s one major reason for upping her game when it comes to healthy food.

“I never really worried about my eating, until I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2016," Roxy tells Be.

Roxy, seen here at a party in 2006, lost 12 kilos recently. Photo: Getty

“It was at that point, eating well and exercising became a big part of my life.”

Now, the 38-year-old has finally revealed what a day on a plate looks like for Roxy Jacenko.

Roxy says after 30 her metabolism started to slow down (we hear ya, girl!) Photo: Roxy Jacenko

It’s not a whole lot but we think it’s doable for those looking to eat clean:

7:30am - 1 x skim piccolo before gym

8am - 1 x slice of gluten-free toast with Vegemite and fresh
green juice

9:30am - 1 x skim piccolo

12:30pm - 12 x cooked tuna mini rolls & grilled prawn on rice

2pm - small bowl of Sweet Nectar Grapes from GrapeCo

4pm - 1 x Killer Python lolly, (they’re my weakness!)

7:30pm - Medium ‘The Shred’ Salad for dinner from my Chargrill Charlie’s salad range (Butter Lettuce, bean sprouts, grilled asparagus, cucumber, shredded chicken breast, celery, mint, chives with a light Asian style dressing) and their baked Tasmanian Salmon for added protein

9pm – I love a handful of fresh raspberries before bed. That stops me from having another killer python!

Believe it or not Roxy hasn’t always had a strict daily meal plan.

“I haven’t ever been a dieter, I have always just eaten a bit of everything, fortunately my metabolism was quick and I would be able to maintain a Size 10 figure,” she explains.

“When I turned 30 that all changed, I had to be mindful of what I ate as it went straight to my hips.

“Now I don’t eat for the sake of eating, and what I do eat I ensure is full of nutrients and of benefit to my body.”

The PR maven is giving us totally flat tummy goals. Photo: Roxy Jacenko Instagram

As for hacks to not fall off the wagon? Notorious detoxer Kourtney Kardashian swears by ordering green tea with a dash of almond milk when she arrives at restaurants to avoid nibbling at the bread basket and Roxy has similar tips.

“Easiest way to avoid eating badly when at home I find is to make sure you simply don’t have junk in the fridge or cupboards, then there is no temptation as those items are staring you in the face each time you enter the kitchen,” she said.

Roxy's a big fan of grilled prawns for lunch, as well as the salads from Chargrill Charlie's. Photo: Roxy Jacenko Instagram

Being a busy working mum, Roxy admits take away after a long day at the office is often on the cards.

“I found myself ordering unhealthy options on popular delivery services – in favour of heading to the supermarket and stocking up to cook throughout the week,” she says.

“My salad collaboration with Chargrill Charlie's means that no matter how busy you are eating healthy, cleanly and lean dishes which are still filling but full of nutrient-rich ingredients.”

Sounds delicious, Roxy.

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