What beauty services am I allowed to use?

It’s been over six weeks since the federal government declared all beauty services including nail salons, spas, beauty salons, waxing, tanning and massage parlours should close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But, to the relief of many, some restrictions are starting to be relaxed. Here’s everything you need to know about what beauty treatments you’re allowed, and where.

Hair dressers have remained open under strict rules. Photo: Getty

Can I still go to the hairdresser?

Yes. Hair salons and barber’s shops were deemed an essential service, and have remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They are required to have just one person per four square metres, in accordance with social distancing.

Many hair salons have also adopted extra health precautions, such as stylists wearing masks, offering hand sanitiser to clients, and making sure everything is cleaned more regularly.

What are my options if I don’t want to go to the hairdresser?

If you want to touch up your colour at home, salons such as Sydney-based Edwards and Co are selling lockdown packages, so you can cover greys and roots while in isolation. Priceline are offering discounts on most of their home hair colour products.

Can I get my nails done?

NSW: As of May 1, mobile nail technicians are allowed to visit clients at their homes, provided social distancing requirements are followed. Nail salons are open for clients to come in and buy products, but not sit down and have a treatment.

Some mobile services are now allowed. Photo: Getty

NT: Nail salons will be open for business from May 15, with clients able to visit as normal, as long as they adhere to hygiene practices and as much social distancing as possible.

Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania: Nail salons are still closed and mobile technicians are still not allowed to visit people at home. It’s likely these restrictions won’t be lifted until July 1.

What are my options if I can’t get my nails done?

Whatever you do, don’t rip off your acrylic or gel nails, beauty salon owner at Get Spoilt Beauty, Gayle Milligan tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“First, buff your nails so you remove the outer layer of gel,” she says. “Soak the nails in acetone, or even just normal nail polish remover. Wrap each finger in some tin foil and let the acrylic or gel dissolve. To keep them in good condition until you can have them done professionally, moisturise around the cuticles every day, and apply a nail strengthener from the chemist.”

Can I get a wax or laser treatment?

NSW: Mobile beauty therapists are now allowed to come to your home and give you a wax or laser treatment. Hand washing is essential and masks should be worn.

NT: From May 15 you’re allowed to visit a beauty salon and have a wax or laser treatment – but not on your face. Waxing eyebrows or other facial hair has to wait until June 15.

Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania: You’re not allowed to have a home visit from a therapist or visit a salon.

NT folk can schedule a wax from May 15. Photo: Getty

If I can’t get waxed, what are my alternatives?

To avoid any home horrors, “moisturise your skin first so it’s not too dry,” says Gayle.

“The best home waxing kits are ones that dissolve in water, so you can just dampen the wax and wash it off. After waxing apply a gentle moisturiser or aloe vera to soothe the skin.”

She advises not overdoing it. “If you have a few stray hairs left on your lip or chin, don’t just apply more wax. Try tweezing any leftover hairs, otherwise you will end up being very sore.”

Can I get my eyebrows done?

NSW: Mobile beauty therapists can come to your home and pluck or tint your eyebrows. Salons aren’t allowed to receive clients yet. However, some eyebrow technicians who own their own salons are disputing this, saying it would be safer and cleaner for clients to visit them in their salon, as they have extremely high hygiene standards.

NT: You can’t have any treatments on your face until June 15, but after that you’re allowed to have your eyebrows worked on. Salons must maintain thorough cleaning and disinfection of facilities, and strictly monitor the hygiene practices of staff.

Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, ACT, Tasmania: You’re not allowed to have your eyebrows done either at home by a mobile technician or go to a salon. Get your tweezers at the ready!

Some states allow home visits but others don't. Photo: Getty

If I can’t get my eyebrows done, what are my alternatives?

“Don’t try and wax your own eyebrows,” says Gayle. “Tweeze them if you must, but keep it to a minimum. Try and wait until you can get them done professionally.”

If you want to tint your brows, do it slowly. “Apply any tint gradually – you can always apply more if it’s not dark enough,” she adds. “If you overdo it, rub facial cleanser in to the brows to remove the excess.”

Can I get a tan?

NSW: You can have a mobile tanner come to your home and spray you, or visit a tanning shop to buy your favourite products, but you can’t have it applied in store.

NT: As of May 15 you can have a spray tan at a salon.

Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, ACT, Tasmania: It’s up to you to apply your own fake tan – these states aren’t allowing anyone to come to your home and apply it, or letting you visit a salon.

Luckily fake tan isn't too hard to do at home. Photo: Getty

If I can’t get a tan done professionally, what are my alternatives?

“If you don’t usually apply your own fake tan, it’s a good idea to buy a tinted one so you can see where you’re applying it,” Gayle tells us.

“Exfoliate well beforehand, and don’t apply any moisturiser on the day you’re tanning, as it will act as a barrier to the tan.” She recommends using mitts to give a smoother application. And if it’s a total disaster?

“A bit of lemon juice will remove really bad colour.”

Can I have a massage?

It depends on the type of massage. Relaxation massages are harder to come by, but all states are allowing remedial and therapeutic massages, which are classed as health services rather than beauty services.

NSW and NT: You can have a relaxation massage in your home in NSW, and visit a spa to have one in the Northern Territory. In both states you can visit a clinic or day spa to have a remedial massage, lymphoedema therapy, Bowen therapy or myotherapy.

Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, ACT, Tasmania: Remedial or therapeutic massage, myotherapy, sports massage and lymphatic massage are all classed as essential services and you are allowed to be treated at a clinical or healthcare setting by a qualified massage therapist.

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