What A-lister called Maz Compton a 'piece of sh*t'?

Rebekah Scanlan

Former 2Day FM breakfast show host Maz Compton has spilled the beans on her life as an MTV host, revaling the most bizarre celeb interview she ever had.

In an excerpt published on News.com.au from her soon-to-be-released book UnEdited, the media personality talked about a rather awkward moment she shared with Hollywood movie star, Robert Downey Jnr.

Maz Compton had a four year presenting gig with co-host Dan on 2Day FM. Source: Instagram

Maz was interviewing the 52-year-old actor at a press junket for Iron Man back in 2008, where she claims he reached for “a bottle of pills at his feet” and offered her one, while chatting away to the cameraman about a trip he’d taken to Mexico.

Apparently, Maz then attempted to “break the ice” by asking if the pills were for some sort of bug he'd caught while on vaycay - much to Captain America: Civil War star's anger!

Robert Downey Jnr was less than impressed by Maz's comments. Sorce: Getty

“[He] lifted up his right arm before the first word was out of my mouth. He pointed directly at me and said: ‘You’re a piece of sh*t’" the website reported. “I was part in shock, part in fear of responding. I didn’t know whether to laugh or leave.

She continuted: "I think everyone in the room was waiting for my retort. I stared into his eyes. Without hesitation, I fired back ...“no, you’re a piece of sh*t.”

Thankfully, the ex-radio host's risky move paid off and the Golden Globe winner warmed to her.

Maz has interviewed many celebs during her media career. Source: Instagram

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The personality recently married in Indonesia and has written a book, UnEdited. Source: Instagram

“He laughed — a really friendly and warm laugh — and said, ‘Good, I like you. Continue.’" she said.

UnEdited is released tomorrow, August 8.

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