Here’s Why ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Stars Gerry And Theresa Are Getting A Divorce

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Are 'Golden Bach's Gerry & Theresa Still Together?John Fleenor - Getty Images

The first Golden couple is no more. Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are getting a divorce, they announced April 12 during a joint Good Morning America appearance.

"Theresa and I have had a number of heart-to-heart conversations, and we've looked closely at our situation—our living situation and so forth—and we've kind of come to the conclusion mutually that it's probably time for us to dissolve our marriage," Gerry, 74, told ABC News' Juju Chang.

The distance apparently played a role in the split, with Theresa's family based in New Jersey, while Gerry resides in Indiana. Theresa, 70, told Juju that they looked at "home after home" to move in together, but "never got to the point where we made that decision," she said.

“The thing that strikes me the most in our conversations, it's been how dedicated both of us our to our families,” shared Turner. “So we look at these conversation and we both think it's best for the happiness of each of us to live apart."

During the Golden Bachelor finale, Gerry picked Theresa over fan favorite “Glamma” Leslie Fhima. In the series, the two bonded after sharing grief over losing their respective longtime spouses.

Here's everything to know about Gerry and Theresa's relationship timeline, including their proposal, wedding, and split.

Gerry proposed to Theresa.

Technically, the leads on The Bachelor actually don’t have to propose at the end of the season, but this one did.

Before proposing, Gerry also got his late wife's blessing. “When I looked towards the volcano, I was asking Toni if this was the right thing to do,” Gerry said, per People. “I’m saying a prayer, and my prayers go to her.”

And after talking through his whole thought process while standing with Theresa in her glittery purple gown, Gerry got down on one knee and handed her the golden rose and a ring.

“I got to the point with the questions I had asked myself about how did I get here? And is she the right girl?” Gerry told her. “And I came to the realization that you’re not the right person for me to live with. You’re the person that I can’t live without. I love you 1,000%.”

Of course, she said yes, and Jesse Palmer almost immediately offered them a trip to Italy, which the couple said they might use as a honeymoon after their nuptials.

They got married in January.

The couple tied the knot earlier this year, in a live ceremony on January 4, 2024. It was the first live wedding in Bachelor history.

"It wasn't our original timeline," Theresa said during an interview with People. "But to be presented with the wedding of our dreams? I mean... spectacular. Incredible. Like, wow."

Gerry added, "I look at it this way. You know, when you're in your twenties and you put something off for a year, it's a very small percentage of your life. In your seventies, if you put something off for a year, it could be 10 percent, so the clock ticks faster. And I'm 100% certain I found the right girl for me."

What did her engagement ring look like?

Theresa wasn't posting a ton of current photos of herself on Instagram, which meant that there weren't any ring reveals until the finale.

Finally, after Gerry got down on one knee, Neil Lane, the go-to Bachelor Nation jeweler, posted some close-ups of the engagement ring, and it is truly gorgeous. The ring features a square diamond flanked by two emerald-cut stones, and a pavé band. You can check it out for yourself:

Theresa said she'd be giving the ring back after the couple announced their split.

Are they still together?

No, Gerry and Theresa are getting a divorce, the couple announced on Good Morning America on April 12. The distance between their respective families was too much for them to overcome, they said. (Gerry resides in Indiana, while Theresa is based in New Jersey.)

"The thing that strikes me the most in our conversations, it's been how dedicated both of us our to our families," Gerry said. "So we look at these conversation and we both think it's best for the happiness of each of us to live apart."

The couple insisted that rumors of Gerry's dating past had nothing to do with the break-up. But, they were nervous to tell the world of their split, especially since they knew how many kind messages they'd received about their union.

"We have received so much love and support from so many people who watch the Golden Bachelor and I don't think we can tell you how many people told us it gave them so much hope," Theresa said. "We want none of that to change for anybody. Don't give up. Stay in it. Stay hopeful. 'Cause we are."

But, Gerry and Theresa—who called themselves "best friends"—added that they want to remain in one another's lives, with Gerry saying, "I still love this person. There’s no doubt in my mind, I still am in love with her. I root for her every day."

They continued posting with each other until recently.

The news of their split came as a surprise to Bachelor Nation, especially since Gerry and Theresa had been spotted together as recently as the Bachelor finale a few weeks ago on March 25. The two attended Joey Graziadei's After the Final Rose special together, and looked particularly loved-up:

They even posted together from a celebrity Family Feud taping earlier this week.

Plus, it seemed like Gerry and Theresa were making time for each other in their respective hometowns. Gerry made a few visits out to New Jersey, while Theresa also attended Gerry's granddaughter's volleyball game in Indiana.

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