We've been lied to by the Backstreet Boys this whole time

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Backstreet’s back… and we can hardly contain our excitement!

Promoting the band’s new song, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, AJ Mclean revealed to KIISFM’s Kyle and Jackie O that the *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys rivalry was in fact, FAKE. **GASP**

AJ Mclean spoke to Kyle and Jackie O this morning and debunked a very old rumour. Source: Getty

“In my opinion there was obviously fabricated rivalry within the press and the media because obviously both groups came from the same egg, same management, same label,” AJ said.

“Everything was pretty much identical with the exception of our names and our haircuts.”

The rivalry between NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys was fabricated by the media at the time. Source: Getty
AJ revealed that the two bands were friends and the Chris Kirkpatrick and Howie D went to college together. Source: Getty

The even more shocking revelation was the bands used to hang out together and Chris Kirkpatrick (*NSYNC) and Howie D (Backstreet Boys) even went to college together and performed together.

We are shook.

“[It was] much more friendly, but because of the timing and the similarity, the press ate that up and they were like ‘oh my god’ it’s like a copycat, of a copycat, of a copycat and they ran with it.”

The Backstreet Boys are made up of Nick Carter, Howie D, Brian Littrell, AJ Mclean and Kevin Richardson. Source: Getty

The fact that the two bands were at each other’s throats wasn’t the only lie we were told.

When the Backstreet Boys first started out, their management forbid them from disclosing information about their romantic lives.

“There was kind of a slight rulebook with us,” AJ said. “Even if we had girlfriends from high school or middle school or whatever, we were not allowed to say we had girlfriends.”

Nick Carter was a favourite of the young girls in the 1990s, and the band were never allowed to disclose that they had girlfriends. Source: Getty

This rule was so that we, the young girls at the time, did not have our hearts broken from crushing on them all.

“We really wanted all these girls to think that they can have us, so even if we had a girlfriend or not, we had to not say anything.”

‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ is the new song from the Backstreet Boys. Source: Getty

The Backstreet Boys, made up of AJ McLean, Howie D., Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell have released the first song from their tenth album today.

The Don’t Go Breaking My Heart video clip is absolutely everything and the boys are serving choreography the only way they know how – like it’s 1999.

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