Western Carolina punter shows return man speed in fake punt TD

Jack Baer
Western Carolina's punt team unleashed an incredible run on Saturday. (Photo by Jaylynn Nash/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s not often you see a punter zooming down the field and scoring a touchdown, but that was the scene playing out during FCS Western Carolina’s game against Chattanooga on Saturday.

Down 20-7 with nine minutes left in the first half, Western Carolina rolled the dice and executed a fake punt on fourth down with four yards to go. Punter Caleb Ferguson got a little more than that.

Behold, some of the fastest foot speed you might ever see on the field from a punter:

What Chattanooga’s players may not have known during their conservative pursuit of the punter is that Ferguson is actually listed as a running back on Western Carolina’s roster.

Ferguson has still worked as the Catamounts’ starting punter, he’s just a punter who also rushed for 3,999 career rushing yards and 68 touchdowns at Tuscola High School in North Carolina. That’ll put in a scare into any team not respecting Western Carolina’s punt coverage.

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