What went wrong with Sam and Tara's relationship?

Rebekah Scanlan
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It’s been ten days since Bachelor in Paradise power couple Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic announced their engagement was off, and Australia is desperate to know why. 

Like seriously, how can a couple we witnessed fall in love before our eyes just suddenly be over? Is love truly dead? We have so many questions.

While the former flames are insisting their breakup is amicable, with both sharing lovely messages on their social media accounts about how much they ‘loved’ one another, there have been a few major hints that all is not as sweet as it seems.

Bachelor in Paradise fan faves Sam and Tara announced their split recently, after getting engaged on the show last year. Source: Ten

We here at Be can’t help but wonder, just what went wrong with these two? Here’s what we know so far.

Most recently, Sam, 31, has revealed he’s selling the diamond sparkler he gave Tara when he proposed whilst on the reality dating show in Fiji.

The last time I held this ring there was so much electricity and hope in the air,” he wrote on Instagram, before describing that sadly that moment wasn’t “destined to last”.

While the newly single voice over artist is donating the money made to mental health charity The Banksia Room, people have pointed out it’s unusual Sam would have the ring post-split.

“Does this mean Tara gave him the ring back?” One fan questioned, while another said “wonder what went down”.

Sadly Sam didn’t clarify why the ring is now back in his possession, six months after he gave it to the woman he thought he’d spend the rest of his life with.

Is the truth about their relationship breakdown starting to come out? Maybe Tara ditched her man for fries as her t-shirt suggests. Source: Instagram/SamualCochrane

But Sam’s mum has shed some light in a series of cryptic messages about her son’s relationship with the 27-year-old posted to her Instagram account.

In the ambiguous posts, Rosie Wynter talked about feeling “betrayed” and the “cruel people” she had encountered recently, whilst tagging Sam at the same time.

She raised eyebrows further when she told a fan that “there is quite a story” behind the pair’s shock split.

“You cannot imagine the story behind it and I opened my heart and home,” she wrote. I can’t say anymore… please understand. There is so much to it.”

We’re not sure about you guys, but we’re dying to know what this is all about.

The pair in happier times, whilst appearing on Bachelor in Paradise. Source: Ten

Meanwhile, Tara has also hinted that something major has caused the once loved-up couple to come to an abrupt end.

Since breaking the news that #loveisdead, the nanny has deleted every photo of Sam from her Instagram account.

Yup, every single snap of them together has vanished. Talk about making a statement.

Bye bye Sam. Tara has scrubbed her former fiancé from her social media account. Source: Instagram/TaraPavlovic

Especially as if you scroll back far enough, the blonde still has photos of her with ex Matty J from her time on The Bachelor last year.

Fellow Paradise co-stars have also come out to discuss their short-lived romance, with Michael Turnbull telling NW magazine he “never thought it was a lifetime match”.

Be has contacted both Sam and Tara for confirmation on the reason behind their breakup.

But while things are clearly still a mystery, there’s no denying the plot is definitely thickening.


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