I Did Every Single Haunted House At Horror Nights Hollywood, So Here's What Slayed (Literally) And What Was A Miss

Halloween lovers, our time is here! After months and months of sweating in the summer sun, spooky season is finally kicking off (even if the weather has not quite gotten the memo yet 👀). That's right: Halloween Horror Nights is back, baby! I was lucky enough to attend opening night at Universal Studios Hollywood, and...y'all...you're in for a real treat! And, TBH, a trick or two, too.

The author at Universal Studios
Angelica Martinez / BuzzFeed

This year, Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood has nine new, spooky haunted houses for your simultaneous enjoyment and terror, including a couple inspired by some of the biggest movies and TV shows of the year. I went through every single one and ranked them from "it's alright" to "guess I'll see you in my nightmares!" Here's how they stacked up:

WARNING: This post contains gifs with flashing lights. Please proceed with caution.

9.Holidayz in Hell

An attraction at a haunted house

8.Evil Dead Rise

Attraction at a haunted house

7.Terror Tram…The Exterminatorz

A bug monster with a knife

6.Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count

Chucky dolls

5.Universal Monsters: Unmasked

A monster reaching his hand out

4.Stranger Things 4


3.Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America

A monster in a haunted house

2.The Exorcist: Believer

A demon with horns

1.And finally, The Last of Us

The last of us haunted house

All I can say is...that was wild! Before I let you go, here are some helpful tips and tricks I learned that you might wanna know before you go:

If you want to see every house, you need express passes: We got into the park around 7 p.m. and finished the final haunted house just after midnight. In that time we were able to go through every house, every show, and take a couple quick food and drink breaks. We did, however, have express passes, and that's pretty much the only way we were able to do all that before the park closed. If hitting every house is on your Horror Nights bucket list, I'd highly recommend upgrading. We didn't wait more than, like, 20 minutes in a line the whole night, and GA lines ranged from 30 minutes to 180 minutes most of the time.

If you have GA tickets, my go-to trick is going to the smaller, less popular houses first. When we got in, the lines for Stranger Things, The Last of Us, and The Exorcist were several hours long. I made the mistake of making a beeline to the most popular house last year, and waiting in that massive line was draininggggg. Do yourself a favor and start at the other ones! By the end of the night, the lines to the most anticipated houses are a lot shorter, and the smaller houses end up getting hour-long lines because everyone is rushing to get them in. Save yourself some time to watch a show or grab some food!

That's all, folks! Happy spooky season! Don't forget to check out these haunted houses for yourself at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, running now through October 31.