We went to Australian Fashion Week in a $200 outfit from Target

While being thrifty is nothing new in the fashion world, Australian Fashion Week is not typically something you’d initially associate with heading to your local Target for.

Sydney’s fashion elite bring their A-game when it comes to sourcing their fits, and nothing brings me more pleasure than to watch all the glamour of the runway bleed onto Eveleigh’s iconic Carriageworks as influencers, celebs and fashion lovers alike show off their best looks at some of Australia’s most influential shows.

Whilst I was so honoured to be invited to some of this year's runways, I am nothing if not savvy when it comes to saving a penny or two for the sake of fashion. Nothing brings me more joy than when I am wearing something fabulously cheap and someone asks me where it's from - because who doesn’t love a bargain?

In light of this, I headed into my local Target to see if their new season collection could fit the brief of proving you don’t have to splash out to stand out - and we were not disappointed in what we found!

Video transcript


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