Biggest change that led to Aussie mum's incredible weight loss transformation

This Aussie mum-of-three dropped an incredible 30kg in just nine months after completely changing her outlook on food.

Wendy Hernandez, from Sydney, went from 98kg down to 68kg thanks to the 12WBT program and says the biggest thing that changed for her was her knowledge about food and portion sizes.

weight loss before and after
Wendy went from 98kg down to 68kg thanks to the 12WBT program. Photo: Supplied

“I’ve always loved bread and rice,” Wendy tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I’d eat toast almost every day for breakfast and rice or pasta for dinner. I would always eat the kid’s leftovers as well.

“I grew up with parents saying not to waste food so instead of throwing it out, I would eat it.

“Now I have learnt so much about different types of food and tried food I never thought I’d like. I’ve also learnt about portion size. I used to eat for two or three people. I now eat five smaller meals per day and I’m rarely hungry.”

aussie mum weight loss
Wendy completely changed her outlook on food. Photo: Supplied

She also says meal prepping has now become a huge part of her routine.

“If I know what I’m eating for a few days, I won’t reach for something unhealthy because my food is ready to go,” she explains.

“I prep overnight oats on a Sunday for four days. I normally leave home at 5.30am everyday so I don’t have time to muck around.

“I will prep some grilled chicken and grilled vegetables for a few days and take a Mountain Bread wrap and that will be my lunch. I also prep dinners which I make a big batch of beef and beans chilli or quinoa and lamb pilaf that I can keep in the freezer.”

Wendy would also constantly make excuses for not exercising, putting her procrastination down to being too busy or not being able to find the time. Now, exercise is just a normal part of her life, training at the gym 3-4 days a week.

“I never exercised,” she tells us. “I had three young children and all my time was doing things for the kids. I never took time out for myself.”

12WBT weight loss before and after
She's managed to keep the weight off now for seven years. Photo: Supplied

Wendy has been able to keep the weight off for over seven years now and says her life has completely changed because of it.

“I am more confident as a person and as a mother. I’m a lot more active. I love river walks on Saturday mornings, and I enjoy training at the gym 3-4 days a week,” she says.

“I prioritise time for myself now. I talk to my kids a lot about being healthy and teach them the importance of living a healthy balanced lifestyle.”

She has recently competed in a number of 5km fun runs, and last year she ran the City to Surf, cutting a whopping 22 minutes from her finishing time the year before.

weight loss transformation
Wendy now goes to the gym 3-4 days a week. Photo: Supplied

For anyone considering embarking on their own journey towards a healthier lifestyle, Wendy says it’s all about being organised.

“You just need to be organised and stick to it. You will get results,” she says.

“It will truly change your life. I’m forever grateful for the person I’ve become. I’m happy and healthy and have never looked back.”

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