The weirdest fantasies from world's biggest sex survey

Rebekah Scanlan
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It’s no secret that different people have different tastes, particularly when it comes to bedroom preferences.

But while many of us share the same secret fantasy, sex expert Justin Lehmiller has revealed there are some rather quirky things that rock our boats. 

In the world’s biggest sex survey, compiled for his new book ‘Tell Me What You Want’, the scientist spoke to more than 4,000 people about what really gets them going.

A world’s biggest sex survey has revealed some weird fantasies. Source: Getty

Some fantasies though were so strange, Justin — who has spent more than a decade studying and teaching the science of sexuality — has shared the standouts, and boy they’re out there.

First up is the ‘Human doll’ which involves the participant wishing to be frozen as if they were porcelain.

We’ll never look at an innocent doll the same way again. Source: Getty

As this happens, they’re watching their other half getting intimate with someone else, and it’s getting them all hot and bothered.

But despite wanting to enjoy the moment, they’re stuck in their position which kind of drives them crazy.

Dr Lehmiller explains in a piece he wrote for inews that while it’s an unusual situation, it’s based around the popular erotic BDSM practice, that commonly involves bondage, discipline, dominance and submission. 

Justin also revealed several people who took part had the desire to be ‘Eaten Alive’, which to be honest sounds rather horrifying to us. 

Others described wanting to be eaten alive. Source: Getty

The kicker for those tantalised by this kind of sexual foray is the sensation of being “sucked on like a piece of candy” after being swallowed whole by a very large creature.

This fantasy Justin says, is yet another variant of BDSM as the monster completely dominates them.

Another participant — who was a woman — described wanting to become a ‘Human Cow’, detailing how she wished to be “force fed hormones so that her breasts would swell and she would lactate continuously”.

Move over 50 Shades of Grey, your version of kinky seems so vanilla now. Source: Universal

In the vision, she is tied up in a public place where people can come and use her as a human “milk machine” and have sex with her at will.


Thankfully Justin goes on to say the majority of people had perfectly normal responses to the survey, with many choosing threesomes, sex toys and new positions as things that get them going.

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