The weird resume mistake you’re probably making

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

You’ve spent hours slaving away on your employment history, triple-checked your spelling and made sure your resume is looking absolutely immaculate before you send it off to apply for that dream job.

But experts say there’s one mistake you might not even realise you’re making on your CV that could hurt your chances.

There’s one thing you shouldn’t be including on your resume, but probably are. Photo: Getty

While it’s something that might seem normal to put on your resume, it seems anything that might indicate how old you are could see you overlooked.

Although age discrimination is illegal, one expert says there might be a subconscious judgement made if they are looking for a particular type of candidate.

“Dates that point to your age ― whether you are a millennial or a baby boomer ― have no place on your resume,” Lynda Spiegel, founder of Rising Star Resumes, told Huffington Post.

There’s one exception to the rule though, and that’s those who have only recently graduated from university.

“Your graduation year will appear on a background check, but by then, your potential employer is sufficiently interested for your age not to matter,” added Lynda.

Get your CV into shape by making sure there’s no spelling errors, and that you don’t include any age indicators. Photo: Getty

Other top tips to remember?

Spelling is key, as well as making sure you name the document – which should be no longer than three pages – a clear file name that includes your name and the title ‘CV’.

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