From Weight Watchers love triangle to woman's revenge: the shocking story continues

Eliza Velk
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Ohh boy… if you were one to watch A Current Affair on Monday night, you would have experienced the complete rollercoaster of a story detailing a ‘Weight Watchers’ love triangle and a woman’s ‘accidental revenge’ that actually made it to court – only it seems that’s not the last of it.

Firstly to recap:

After a seven-year relationship, Nita Crawford and Stephen Smith had been talked of tieing the knot however after Stephen started going to Weight Watchers, their plans went completly astray. 

Stephan and Nita were together for seven years however it seems Stephan was never as committed as his former girlfriend. Source: Nine

Stephen instead started to secretly date fellow Goulbourn Weight Watcher member Cathy Spence at the same time and before he knew it he was caught up in a twisted love triangle.

But it wasn’t until a very awkward run-in with the new girlfriend at Kmart before things really fell apart for Nita and Stephen.

“We walked into Kmart holding hands and there she was with her trolley and I knew exactly who she was,” Nita said.

“He’s dropped my hand and he’s taken off, he’s ducked,” she said speaking of Stephen’s reaction.

Former lovers Nita Crawford and Stephen Smith. Source: Facebook/ Nita Mary Crawford.

After being so committed to Stephen – to the point that she even got a tattoo of his name – Nita was understandably devastated to see her man end up with another woman.

So in order to send a message that she was meant to be his one and only, Nita sent an image of her tattoo to her rival, the only problem was the image accidentally included part of his Stephan’s penis in the bottom corner.

And an embarrassed Stephen wasn’t having any of it, deciding to call the police with claims the photo was revenge porn.

Nita Crawford was so committed to her boyfriend that she tattooed his name on her back. Source: Facebook/ Nita Mary Crawford.

“If I wasn’t hurt enough, he had to go and have me charged with intentionally sending an intimate image via social media,” Nita said. 

A Current Affair featured the whole blow up as a segment on their show including both sides of the story with Nita saying she blames Stephen’s weight-loss for giving him the new-found confidence and Stephen claiming he told Nita the tattoo of his name was a ‘silly’ idea.

But after the segment aired Nita has since responded with a comment on facebook and it’s fair to say she was not impressed:

“Ok, enough now ACA, you made me look like a stalking lunatic whilst making those two look like celebrities. You’ve had your fun, leave it at that,” she posted.

In a rollercoaster of a story Nita Crawford tells A Current Affair her side of a massive break-up blowout. Source: Nine.

Now just to add another layer to the story, Nita claims Stephen was also still married to his former wife while the pair were dating, despite telling Nita that he wasn’t.

According to the Daily Mail, Nita said she only visited Stephen’s home after five years of dating but it wasn’t until after that she found out this was because he was living with his other wife.

Talk about complicated!

It’s clear from Nita’s Facebook page that she has learnt her lesson after previously posting it was the “worst betrayal I’ve ever experienced.”

“Honesty is always the best policy. Don’t lie, it’s as simple as that,” her bio now reads.  

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