This week's horoscopes: Week beginning 4th June

If it’s your birthday…

This could be rather a confusing year for you when it comes to your career. The best suggestion for circumnavigating professional puzzlement is to make sure that you’re doing a job that either uplifts you or enlightens the people you serve somehow or preferably a bit of both. Financially, consult a financial expert and you could make some proper cash.

March 21 – April 19

Aries. Source: Getty

There is a paradox in your chart this week. On the one hand, it really is all about communications for you this week as the Sun puts the spotlight on communications planet Mercury in your Communications Zone.

However, straight after these two meet, they clash with confusing Neptune. So everything may not be as it seems. You’re under a lot of pressure at the moment so try to wait before you make any rash decisions. Wait for clarity, as the week unfolds.

April 20 – May 20

Taurus. Source: Getty

Mind how you go this week. The energies are swirling around and are a mix of intense and weird. For you, the weirdness seems to be attached to your finances.

If you’re not sure of what to do when it comes to an important financial matter, you are probably better off doing nothing just yet. Give yourself at least until the end of the week. If you’re feeling really passionate about someone or something, your feelings could spill over this week.

May 21 – June 20

Gemini. Source: Getty

There is uncertainty in the stars this week as the Sun and then your planet Mercury clash with the planet of dreams and alcohol, mysteriousness and confusion, aka Neptune.

So if you’re not quite sure which way is up this week, or what you next best step is, don’t let anyone force you into making decisions you’re unsure about. What to do will become clearer soon enough! Especially when it comes to cash, try to breathe through any dramas rather than succumbing.

June 21 – July 22

Cancer. Source: Getty

It could be a strange week when you just want to be alone but you’re not really sure why. One relationship in particular could be under a lot of pressure.

If you need to, sequester yourself away, with or without the person who’s making you feel hot and bothered. Unsettling dreams could plague you as your subconscious works through its issues. It’s all part of “the process”. Take as much time out as you need to work through and of your fears.

July 23 – August 22

Leo. Source: Getty

As your ruler the Sun, clashes with peculiar Neptune, you could be feeling a bit like you’ve been on the wacky-backy, so to speak. In other words, this is not the time for you to be forging ahead making life changing decisions! Rather, be patient.

In particular a friend looks like a source of discombobulation, but this too shall pass. As will any unresolved concerns you have about money. At work, the mayhem should start to settle down a little, at least temporarily.

August 23 – September 22

Virgo. Source: Getty

There is a lot of potential for bewilderment this week, thanks to clashes between the Sun, your planet Mercury and the planet of illusion and deception Neptune.

It’s going to affect all the signs in different way but it could be argued that you will feel it more than most. This is because they are happening in two very sensitive parts of your chart – your Career Zone and your Love Zone. You will have to relinquish your need to understand everything.


23 September – October 22

Libra. Source: Getty

The skies are currently slightly odd, thanks to some puzzling astrology but you could be one of the signs that skirts around the mysteries and comes out of the week feeling better than when you went in.

For one thing, you’re now in this new, less chaotic relationship cycle, so you should be start to feel more settled. For another, your planet Venus faces off with passionate Pluto this week and that could turn out well for you, personally and/or professionally.

23 October – November 21

Scorpio. Source: Getty

What you need to keep reminding yourself this week if things go pear-shaped is that you have the lucky planet Jupiter in your sign. Jupiter may not be able to work miracles 100% of the time but having Jupiter in your sign does make you officially a bit luckier than most.

So what about this week? Call on Jupiter if you need Lady Luck on your side, if and when things start to get really perplexing, especially re sex and/or money.

22 November – December 21

Sagittarius. Source: Getty

There are some strange planetary energies beaming down on us all this week and they’re affecting all the signs in different ways. For you as a Sadge, you’re likely to feel in it one or more of your most important relationships, since the Sun/Mercury weirdness is in your opposite site aka your Relationship Zone.

In other words, if and when people start to really bamboozle you, take a deep breath, mutter “*&^%$! Neptune!” and try and laugh it all off.

22 December – January 19

Capricorn. Source: Getty

Your stars could hardly be more intense than they are right now. Not only do you have Saturn and Pluto in your sign, making you face up to life-changing realities, you also have ethereal Neptune in your Mind Zone which means it’s all too easy for you to float off into flights of fancy.

That can be a good thing, as long as you keep your fantasies uplifting! Love-wise, there are strong feelings now, between you and someone you care a lot about.

20 January – February 18

Aquarius. Source: Getty

If you’re feeling a little unclear about the best way forwards regarding a cash matter, be it a
buy, a sale or something else, try to hold off on taking any firm action. The planet of vagueness, Neptune, is in your Money Zone and being triggered this week.

On the one hand, Neptune can inspire you with amazing ways to earn your keep. On the other, he is less likely to do that for you this week. Let seven days pass…

February 19 – March 20

Pisces. Source: Getty

If someone is giving you the run around, or you’re just feeling generally baffled by life, take heart; with a Sun/Mercury/Neptune clash happening this week, you are not alone.

Plenty of people are unsure of what they should or shouldn’t be doing and that has a knock-on effect on the people around them, including you. In particular in your personal life, at home and with family, there is way too much room for mix-ups, so delay making definitive statements until the fog clears.

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