This week's horoscopes: Week beginning 21st October

If it’s your birthday…

Overall a very positive year ahead. It will be easier for you to talk about matters relating to love and money, in the coming 12 months. As a result, you should feel a lot more secure than you have done in some time when it comes to romance and riches, as well. That said, big changes are also almost unavoidable.

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March 21 – April 19

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This week the Sun moves into your Sex and Money Zone. So one or both of these subjects will loom large in the coming four weeks. If sex and money issues are swirling, it’s time to ask yourself if a lack of confidence (or conversely, over-confidence) is scuppering you. If you really want something to change when it comes to one of these two touchy subjects, you are in luck. Change is practically inevitable this week, for you and everyone else.

April 20 – May 20

Taurus. Source: Getty

As the Sun moves into your Love Zone and the Full Moon triggers crazy Uranus in your sign, it’s safe to say you’re in for some interesting moments this week. Don’t worry. It really could be amazing but you will have to release any tightly gripped expectations! Bets are off!

The more you go with the flow, the better. That said, whatever happens looks like overall being very much in your favour, leaving you feel more stable and secure. #win/win.

May 21 – June 20

Gemini. Source: Getty

As the Sun moves in your Daily Work and Health Zone, for a stay of four weeks, it’s time for you to think about your daily routines. Obviously, our days are what make up our weeks which in turn make up our lives.

If you don’t look after yourself, who will? You are actually in a powerful position this week as your ruler Mercury meets power-monger Pluto. Work with this energy by goal-setting. Also balance duties with Zen time out.

June 21 – July 22

Cancer. Source: Getty

Life has been very intense for many Moonchildren lately. You are not necessarily all that change but there has been a lot of change and upheaval in the air. Even you have to evolve!

This week, try to forget about the stresses as the Sun moves into your Fun Zone. Plus, your love life looks better than it has been in a while as communicative Mercury triggers Pluto in your Love Zone. Pillow talk could be off the scale this week…

July 23 – August 22

Leo. Source: Getty

If you’re trying to work out what you really want when it comes to your home life, then keep going. This is the exact right time for you to ask yourself what really matters to you when it comes to your private life, home and family and where you live.

There could also be something of a tug of war going on between work and home. If you’re in any doubt, your best bet is to favour your home life!

August 23 – September 22

Virgo. Source: Getty

It’s all about how well (or not) you’re communicating this week. What you say could leave someone a bit flabbergasted but that could actually be a very good thing. Sometimes you have to shock people out of their comfort zone to elicit a reaction. So say your piece (nicely).

You are all about being kind and helpful but you also do have to express yourself. Otherwise you will end up frustrated and helping people through gritted teeth, which is no fun.

23 September – October 22

Libra. Source: Getty

You had better spend some time deciding what really matters to you this week, or could end up in trouble. For example, if you’re studying, do your grades or parties matter more. If you’re working does money or having a life matter more?

Don’t worry, you will make the right decision. Overall, you look like having a pretty good week and should be feeling far more assured and established by the end of it, as your planet Venus connects with Saturn.

23 October – November 21

Scorpio. Source: Getty

The Full Moon this week takes place in your Love Zone, so expect at least one relationship to somehow come to a peak. If you’re saying goodbye to someone, it’s the perfect time. Right now you are in a period of deciding who and what is important. Be kind but truthful. If you know your relationship with someone really has run its course, you will do everyone a favour by being gently but frank about it this Full Moon week.

22 November – December 21

Sagittarius. Source: Getty

It really is time for you to take some time out from the madness of life. You are at the end of a 12 month cycle and as much as you are cheerful sign of the zodiac that keeps us all entertained, it’s time for to stop. Breathe! Meditate! If you can do an actual retreat now, it will work wonders. You just need to allow yourself time out in the coming four weeks, if you want to avoid burnout.

22 December – January 19

Capricorn. Source: Getty

This should be a fun and social week for you but it’s not quite as simple as all that. As the planet which is all about values, Venus, reverses through your Friendship Zone, you could find yourself asking which of your friends you value and which you don’t. Ask away! It might sound harsh but this really is a valid question for you right now. Think of it as a chance to recalibrate your social life, after some tough times.

20 January – February 18

Aquarius. Source: Getty

Your celestial challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is to find a balance between attending to all that is going on for you professionally while still managing to invest emotionally in your personal life, which is also in need of some TLC. Striking a balance is key.

You get one chance to do this each year, so make the most of it. Ask yourself what you’re not ready to forfeit for your professional life (eg family time).

February 19 – March 20

Pisces. Source: Getty

If you feel as though your friends have been a little bit too hard on you lately, or if you’ve actually lost a friend recently, use this week to sort things out. Say sorry if you need to or consider accepting someone else’s apology. Life is too short to hold grudges. If you’re travelling, you could start to feel like it’s time to go home and you might be right. Maybe someone back home needs you or maybe you just need home.

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