The wedding tradition Kate and Meghan had, but Eugenie may not

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She’s the next British royal set to tie the knot, with her upcoming nuptials in October.

But while Princess Eugenie is said to want a traditional ceremony, there’s one regal custom she not be able to have.

Since 1923, royals — including Prince William and Kate Middleton, and most recently Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — have been creating wedding bands made of Welsh gold.

There’s a royal wedding tradition Princess Eugeine may not be able to have, that other royal couples have all received. Source: Getty

But not just any Welsh gold, they’re all forged from a specific lump that was dug up from the Clogau St David mine and gifted to the royal family way back. 

Every royal wedding since has used the metal to make their rings. 

But the problem is, the precious metal is believed to have run out, meaning Eugenie and her future husband Jack Brooksbank, may not be able to get their hands on any in time for their big day.

“Welsh gold is scarcer than it has ever been,” Clogau’s managing director Ben Roberts told the Evening Standard back in May.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding rings earlier this year were made of a rare lump of Welsh gold, but there are fears it has run out. Source: Getty
Prince William and Kate Middleton had wedding bands made from it when they tied the knot in 2011. Source: Getty

“With no gold mining taking place in Wales today, Welsh gold supplies may eventually run out, making it possibly the rarest gold in the world.”

Thankfully though, the company gave Queen Elizabeth II another lump of the golden good stuff on her 60th birthday that they could use to keep the tradition rolling.

While it’s not the same lump of Welsh gold everyone else has used, it’s still the same precious metal.

Interestingly, Eugenie’s mum Sarah Ferguson, didn’t get a wedding band made from the special lump of Welsh gold. Source: Getty

However, according to the Clogau’s official website, Eugenie’s mum Sarah Ferguson didn’t get a ring made from the royal lump.

The Duchess of York had a ring made with 36g of Welsh gold from an “unknown origin”, gifted by the Royal British Legion.

Will Eugeine not getting the same royal treatment as the rest of the clan could cause unease in the family?

Only time will tell.

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