Wedding planner reveals how bakers create the ‘fake cakes’ couples slice at their receptions: 'I'm confused'

A wedding planner is sharing the secret trick behind using a “dummy cake.”

Dummy cakes are fake cakes, often made of styrofoam, which can be iced and decorated like real cakes. They’re sometimes used at weddings to save on money or time — since most couples don’t want to spend their wedding cutting dozens of slices for their guests.

Now, thanks to Andrew Roby (@andrewrobyevents), TikTokers are getting an up-close look at how dummy cakes work.

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Roby is an event and wedding planner with a sizeable following on TikTok, where he shares interesting or little-known details about weddings. His recent video about cakes seemed to strike a particularly strong chord.

In the clip, Roby shows how bakers create fake cakes that couples can still slice during their wedding.

Roby’s video shows an ornate wedding cake, most of which is inedible. However, there’s a small “cutout” filled with real cake and frosting.

From there, Roby explains, the couple can cut their single slice of cake to keep with tradition. Afterward, they can serve pre-sliced cake to their guests.

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Many TikTokers seemed surprised by the process. Many said they weren’t aware that many weddings used dummy cakes.


“I’m confused,” another wrote. “I thought most of the pricing was the decorating and assembly of the cake. The actual cost of the edible materials isn’t much?”

“Yes it’s all about presentation and timing,” another added. “The guests will never know…”

So, why do we cut cake at weddings in the first place? According to The Knot, the tradition stems back to Victorian England. Originally, it was the bride’s responsibility to cut the cake, but as weddings grew larger, the groom started helping as well.

However, people were eating cakes at weddings long before that. There’s evidence that the Romans used to eat bread during wedding ceremonies — over time, those loaves turned into cakes.

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